Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Imperious Rex!

Just recieved a mailist list email from Imperious Rex, telling of their new arrivals..

For those of you that don't know - Imperious Rex is a streetwear website that recently opened a shop in Roman Road (walking distance from Bethnal Green).. I've only ever visited it once, and that was merely to look through the window - due to closure.

But from the looks of the website, they seem to stock some good brands, and the store/website are both definitely worth a look. Featuring bits and bobs from NYC favourites A.L.I.E.N, Brown Babies spin off brand - DimePiece (for the ladies), Mishka, Pegleg NYC, Mighty Healthy, King Stampede, Rock Smith, Milkcrate, Reason, Red Clay & Lemar & Dauley - and many more besides!

Oh yeah, and Crooks & Castles - haven't seen anything even moderately appealing from them for quite some time now, and this new offering doesn't instigate salivation -


A t-shirt, with a plaid print shirt on it, in collaboration with Rocksmith, a definite passer for me.

Also contained in the email was a linesheet from a new brand called Dark Horse -


Prints are a little hard to make out from this picture alone, so draw your own conclusions by visiting the web or physical store. Here's a couple of the prints I quite like -

Punks -


With an obvious flip on the Brand Nubian classic, and with that Daft Punk style font.

Tour D'Horse -


Reminiscent of the stussy World Tour tees.

Ooh Lala -


.........not so sure about this one, but there's definitely an audience for the erotic risque.

Which brings me nicely on to Ken Park, a film recommended to the blog viewing public (private!?) by Ollie a few months ago.. I watched it yesterday night and wasn't impressed, some of the chracters I liked, but there's no structure or plot or meaning to any of what goes on.. and on top of that, it just seemed explicit for the sake of it.. as with all things though, draw your own conclusions.

This is where I'm drawing mine.


@witts_bntl said...

i got this email? i dont even know how i got added to the mailing list?

Matthew Schnickens said...

Well don't ask me motherfucker!!

@witts_bntl said...

im not asking you motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

love the print of the chick sucking on the Eifel tower.
[never seen anything like it, lol].
still- anything associated with France/ Paris is worth having a look

[only because im obsessed with their culture & fashion ]



sofidonuts said...

we got Darkhorse in Donuts...its badarse..