Sunday, 22 June 2008

Ikon Gallery -Birmingham

On friday it was my day-off from work and I decided I needed to do something productive. Meeting up with Chloe we decided to check out the offerings at the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. The gallery is housed in an amazing restored church, the architecture of the building is impressive to say the least.

At the moment the work on show is from Swiss artists Andres Lutz and Anders Guggisberg. Not really my thing but i did enjoy this piece:





Getting your head caught in a hole in the wall is no way to impress your girlfriend:


Im considering a claim for whiplash.

The best part of the Ikon Gallery is most definatly the book shop, a huge collection of hard to find books at decent prices.

A couple i considered:



I know Terry is a fan of BNTL so if your reading bro.....You are one messed up man!

Exhibitions change quite regularly so its worth paying the place a visit.

Props to Chloe for treating the day like a school trip and lecturing me on every piece in the gallery. Good times! No love for Costa for giving me a coffee which was surely made with chip fat and not water. Bad times!


@witts_bntl said...

very refreshing post

@misterlego said...

original showerfacemonger, you are sir . . .

Anonymous said...

i heard you copped that terryworld book ollie and you read it on the bus everyday. lol. its alot tho (no homo), he must get into some mad situations.

nice post tho, there should be more books on bntl.

@OllieDanger said...

Haha Jack your a joker, i felt bad reading the book in the shop with kids running around. Terry must have some serious stories to tell.

Il be blogging more books dont worry.

Admin said...

The orange clay figures are pretty sick... Very strong installation