Sunday, 9 January 2011

FWD>> 6.1.11 Dusk & Blackdown, Kutz, Youngsta & Chef vs Coki

When I saw the line up on the FWD>> website, I knew we were in for a special night and in my opinion possibly one of the most consistent FWD>> line up’s I can remember. Definitely a bold statement for 2011.

Heading straight from work via Burger King, I arrived at Plastic People at around 10:15. After a short queue and a (almost cavity like) search I was in the venue to greet Dean, Billy, Crises, Greg, Derek, Yani, Alex, Sarah, Ruth & Charlotte (Thanks for my cap).

Ruth & Yani

With Dusk & Blackdown on early doors, the sound emerging from the decks sounded so fresh. Don’t ask me to ID any of the tunes being played but if you ever listen to the Dusk & Blackdown show on Rinse you’ll know they’re forever pushing new music and new sounds. For me they’re always showcasing the best in new underground music and their set was no different.

Blackdown on deck

Lonely Sol

Next up was Kutz and after a shaky start and some confusion with the channels on the mixer he was soon into full flow testing the water’s with Addison Groove's 'Footrab VIP'. Moving into more familiar ground, the raw bass and pure tear out dubstep was drawn for, including my personal favourite Canonical which demanded a reload. The next segment of his set seemed to showcase a very techno-y influenced dubstep sound, something Benga’s production has shown touches of recently and then moving swiftly back into what can only be described as world war three type riddims, including Coki’s 'Horrid Henry' leaving the dance floor in disarray.



Midnight came and it was time for Youngsta, definitely the most anticipated set of the night for me. I’ve seen Youngsta play numerous times in Birmingham and it’s never as good as seeing Youngsta in dubstep’s spiritual home FWD>>. As usual Youngsta’s mixing was on another level and the deep bass oozed out of the speaker stacks from new production from the likes of Ben Verse and DJ Madd. Not forgetting the classics too, we got a tease of Loefah’s 'Goat Stare' and Skream’s 'Midnight Request Line' which SP:MC (hosting alongside LX One) made sure the crowd appreciated. As Youngsta delved through his selection touching upon Kryptic Minds 'Can’t Sleep' giving the crowd a small karaoke section and double dropping that with Skream 'Amity Step', my feet were barely on the floor. As Chef and Coki waited in the wings, Youngsta signalled for one more tune drawing for Skream’s forthcoming 'Mood2fuck' an absolute dance floor smasher, topping off what has to be one of the best sets I’ve heard in a long time and already my favourite set of 2011.



3 Deck mixin'

Last but by no means least were the sounds of Chef and Coki. After hearing a few
Chef podcasts and with Coki’s album Urban Ethics fresh in stores, this set was destined to be special. I was slightly disappointed Youngsta hadn’t dropped Pinch 'Swish', but low and behold Chef came straight in with it and moved swiftly on with Mala 'Eyez VIP'. Coki stepped in next and with less than a minute gone one of his dubplates was flung back in the opposite direction. As he dropped his familiar riot inducing tunes including 'Robotnik' and 'Shock It', the crowd went absolutely mental and for the next hour Chef and Coki tormented the crowd with pounding bass.

Chef & Coki

All in all a fantastic start to 2011 from FWD>> and with another exciting line up next week, lets hope they’ve started as they mean to go on!

Big up everyone in attendance and if you want to see more pics check out


Anonymous said...

thought this was a good write up. More of these please.

Anonymous said...

were they all on vinyl that night?

jairaj Matharu said...

big write up, great stuff mate.