Sunday, 9 January 2011

MellowHype ( Left Brain And Hodgy Beats) - Blackendwhite

One thing i failed to put in my end of year round up was the rap group Odd Future Wolf Gang. Who are basically a pretty large collective of young rappers aged 16 - 19 (If what i read is true)

I cant front there steez and talent on the mic and beat machine is pretty impressive. They've dropped a bunch of albums / mixtapes as a whole and as sub collectives. All albums / mixtapes are on there website and are free by just a (click)

My favorite album drop last year was that of MellowHype's - Blackendwhite which can be download by just a (click)


Absolute banger !

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Anonymous said...

Is the world really ready for another Kids in the Hall, Cool Kids, Spankrock, early 90s rap, sneaker inspired group?

Anonymous said...

There as far removed from that as you can imagine.
Maybe there attire might give off that look, but that's just the L.A street style coming thro.
Lyrical content alone and diversity of beats puts them in a lane of there own.

Download the damn mixtape and hush your gums.


Anonymous said...

MF Doom but with the top button done up.

- Splash.

Anonymous said...

Misterlego said it right, though they are a little bit left. Tyler the creator talks way too much about rape etc etc