Sunday, 16 January 2011

J Beatz - Tazer Remix Producer Competition

It's safe to say that recently certain grime instrumentals and their subsequent remixes have managed to build up an almost competition like atmosphere around them and numerous producers, even outside the grime scene, have fought to re-create a certain beat and put their own personal signature on it.

Most recently we have seen this sort of practice with D.O.K.'s 'Chemical Planet,' Mr Mitch's 'Fright Night,' Terror Danjah's 'Air Bubble' and also Spooky's 'Spartan,' to name but a few.

And now the latest example of this is J Beatz who has uploaded the stems of his track 'Tazer,' which will be familiar to most people as the beat Badness and Shizzle vocalled for their track 'Tarzan,' in a competition to see who has the best remix to be included on his forthcoming '1 Dutty Remix' EP.

Here's a short clip from J Beatz discussing the competition and how to get involved.

To download the stems for 'Tazer' click

Entries for the competition should be emailed to >

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