Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Instrumental Grime Updates Galore

There's been a ridiculous amount of releases, downloads and videos cropping up on the forums over the last couple of weeks that I have collected and waited until now to post.

First up are a few of the current vinyl releases that the wax heads should definitely be supporting.

1) Quandrant EP - Spooky, Darq E Freaker, Mistayif and Splurt.

I wrote about this EP when the promo video dropped back in September

This EP is NOW out on vinyl and available

The release date for the digital is February 10 and will be available from all your usual MP3 download stores.

2) S-X - Wooo Riddim / Wooo Riddim (DJ Q Remix) Purple Vinyl

These very limited Purple vinyl really won't be around for much longer so you're strongly urged to grab this piece of grime history whilst it's still available.

The DJ Q remix will sadly never make it to MP3 so this is going to be the only way you're ever going to be in possession of what personally I think is one of the best remixes of the infamous Wooo riddim instrumental to be made.

Cop the vinyl and a selection of other Butterz & Hardrive releases

3) Macabre Unit - Horror Show EP (Limited to 200 copies)

Macabre Unit are slinging out the re-releases left, right and centre.

These are also strictly limited in numbers and probably won't be repressed again so don't sleep if you missed it the first time round.

The EP is available to purchase along with a plethora of other old Macabre Unit MP3s

The Twitter practice of producers and MC's giving away free downloads when they reach a certain number of followers has been happening for a while now.

This was the case for the man behind the Wooo Riddim, Frisco's; Training Day and JME's; Music Ting amongst loads more, S-X.

Upon reaching 3000 followers he has kindly given away an EP of 10 superb instrumentals.

To download the EP and check out the tracklisting visit

Despite it only being the second week of 2011 release dates for forthcoming EP's are floating about.

A fairly new producer within the grime scene; Nu Klear has his Nuketown EP coming out on February 7th which boasts 4 huge instrumental tracks which have been getting a load of recent radio coverage from DJ's Score 5 and Logan Sama amongst others.

The Experiment EP which will feature the destructive 'Annealing' instrumental is yet to receive a release date but I am guessing it will be available within the next few months.

This too will be available in all formats from all your usual quality MP3 retailers.

On a different note the main man behind BoogalooCity, Blazey has been very kind in uploading a selection of old school garage/grime rip's from his personal collection.

There are way too many massive tracks to mention individually, and probably more on the way, so here's my favourite. I urge you to check out the rest

The last thing to note is that the word floating around at the moment is; within the next couple of months there will be a Jammer instrumental album dropping featuring a collection of his old productions along with some exclusives.



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