Saturday, 22 January 2011

Skream - Fire Call Free Download

Thanks to The Nest and Exit Records, D Bridge and Skream are giving away Skream's 'Fire Call' to support the release of the Mosaic Compilation Volume 1.

Here's the story behind the track:
"A brand new loop that features on the recent FABRICLIVE: Autonomic CD and has been continually bussin’ up the rave since dBridge reworked it, there’s an interesting story behind this track. Here’s the short version:

Skream makes a two minute loop, sends it to dBridge, it drives him positively wild. Skream loses the project file meaning nobody could master the track so dBridge edits it out to about 4:30s, and drops it like a bomb in his sets, he gives it the fabric treatment and then leaves the unmastered file to gather dust in cyber space."

Download it via soundcloud:
Firecall by Skream by The Nest

To read more about The Nest, the forthcoming Mosaic Compilation and how to win a copy head over to The Nest Blog.

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