Thursday, 3 November 2011

I Am Los Angeles

I recently came across the video series 'I Am Los Angeles' spotlighting varying individuals and their neighbourhoods within the city. With a broad spectrum of people featured from the likes of El Mac and Retna to tattoo artists and a Boxing Gym in South Central this isn't your usual designers and tastemaker spotlights. It's much more comprehensive and ambitious than that.

It's a great project, it truly covers the city's various enclaves and communities which make the city what it is. Although on my visit to LA I found the city fragmented and lacking a centralised focal point, it was probably due in part to a lack of local knowledge and research other than the usual shopping check points like UNDFTD, Union etc. It's somewhere I'd like to spend a little more time and really get to know properly, as so many amazing individuals, scenes and styles have come out of the city. It would be incredibly nieve to dismiss LA as a brash and soulless place, navigated only from the safety of a hire car and a Hollywood Stars map.

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