Tuesday 29 May 2012

Azealia Banks 1991 E.P

When I first heard Azealia Banks spit a bar on the Nike 1Love: Harlem campaign back in 2010 I didn't think in a million years her career would pan out in such it has thus far.
I knew she'd eventually get her just dues as you can deny talent, regardless of who holds it. Her flow, delivery and lyrical ability for such a tender chicken wing is pretty impressive imo. 
But still I didn't expect everything to pop off like this. Nor did I expect her music to sound like it does right about now either. 
Some of the production isn't my favorite, but I still mess with and so should you.  

Today sees the little miss drop a e.p titled "1991" under her label Universal. There are only 4 tracks, so I can only assume this is just a tester to see how people react. 

All tracks are below and are available on Itunes (here) all four for £1.99
You can't go wrong.


Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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