Tuesday 22 May 2012

Peroni Wave

Having been introduced to the new Peroni App 'Vivi in Stile' a couple of weeks ago, we thought we'd give it a road test in the West End. I'm quite an advocate of the city guide phone apps, having used XLR8R magazine's on several occessions, they put together a very decent offering for cities in the states. I travel a fair bit and will often buy the Wallpaper apps when going to new cities, much in the same vein as their books, an essential for any traveller. However I haven't ever put to the test a guide for London, being more than familiar with the city we were looking forward to seeing which spots would recommended. With a number of people contributing to the App, 'Vivi in Stile' serves up local recommendations from those a little more in the know.

Not only catering for the capital, Peroni have sought out a number of individuals to help them produce guides to Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow.

 The app offers quite a high calibre of list of venues. We took the tour around Soho using the app and passed through those on offer a little more catered to our tastes. Including one of the top eateries in the capital in Spuntino, apart of the Mishkins group, it's a much talked of take on the latest Americana food trend, fusing it with counter top dining and tapasas well as BNTL favourites Dover St Market and Albam.

The interface is really well put together and the connectivity to google maps is very useful and something we would utilise a great deal in cities outside of our own. This isn't a backpackers guide, with a selection of high end eateries, galleries and bars ranging from Polpo another of the Mishkins group, to Sketch, Dean Street Townhouse and Hix amongst many others. This alongside a range of galleries and outdoor spaces make it a pretty good guide to the more salubrious haunts of London residents.

With a selection of offers at some participating restaurants, Peroni have helped in the hunt for a cut price deal, we'd like to see more of this, as the offerings for London were slim at best. Italian style is at the heart of the guide and the inclusion of curated style items with a decent competition makes this quite appealing.

Curated items by British and Italian aficionados make a good guide to what's "on trend" and with your submissions and sharing on Facebook you can potentially win £2,000 worth of gear. Although we haven't done this, it's a nice add-on alongside some insightful Q&As and editorial content the App goes a little further than just a range of restaurants.

We can only profess to having had more affordable options and a wider Italian flavour but all in all a very useful app that we would use out of London or ever in the need to go a little more uptown.














You can download it HERE

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