Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Native Craftworks

As the endless supply of Dessert Boots and Chukka's continues to stream across retailers, I've been looking for some new footwear to switch it up.  I tend to favour Red Wings but since my favourite style has since been discontinued I've been on the search for something a little different. I've been toying with splashing out on some Yuketen but have recently come across Native Craftworks.  Designed in the UK, handmade in Portugal, I'm impressed with what I've seen.  A little different and not for everyone, the key to Native Craftsworks is probably rocking them without looking like Richard Ashcroft. Available exclusively at Oi Polloi and with new styles dropping this week, certainly one to watch out for.

untitled 14_p1080838 14_p1080835a

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