Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mella Dee - CTRL (Forthcoming COY001)


You might not be familiar with the label Coyote Records yet however I think gauging by their forthcoming debut release and the remix team they have enlisted for it there are going to be a lot of great things to come from them.

For their first release Mella Dee aka one half of Mista Men steps up to the buttons with the title track 'CTRL.' The production has a rugged 8-bar feel to it that offers a clear nod to the minimal, yet emphatic grime instrumental template of yesteryear.

The other tracks on the EP boast a first class remix line up of Baobinga, Mr Mitch, MA1 and Grievous Angel. Each producer has adopted their own unique take on the original track with visible elements that seem signature to the sound we'd associate with their other material yet there's still evidence of experimentation and freshness.

Mella Dee - CTRL is set for release late June (date tbc) both on vinyl and digital.

Soundcloud - Coyote Records

Twitter - Coyote Records

Twitter - Mella Dee

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