Sunday, 6 May 2012

One Year And Four Months - A Photography Exhibition By Bilal Mustapha

One Year and Four Months. It isn't a maths problem. One Year and Four Months is a photography exhibition by the very talented, Bilal Mustapha. Focusing on the documentation of style on the streets of London, highlighting the unique individuals and the many styles he comes across on a daily basis. Shooting mostly on the streets of the London allows Bilal to capture his subjects in their natural element. Bilal's interest does not just solely focus on what brands or pieces of clothing an individual is wearing, but more interestingly how that individual expresses and carries his or hers style for the rest the world to see.

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Significantly all the work for the exhibition has been produced over the past year and four months. With the intentions of allowing the audience to see a sense of progression in Bilal's work and the visual changes within fashion over a short space of time and from season to season.

Private view:  Tuesday May 8th
Time: 6pm - 9pm  
Location: The C.A.M.P 
70 – 74 City Rd, 

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.

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