Sunday, 6 May 2012

Day Dreaming With.. The Hong Kong Edition

Day Dreaming With.. The Hong Kong Edition is a exhibition which looks into the convergence of art and music across creative platforms, with new work by British design duo Clarke & Reilly, a sculpture from the LA art collective Cyrcle, a specially designed scent by perfumer Azzi Glasser, a room of video installations curated by Black Dog/RSA, and sculptures from Chinese artist Li Wei amongst the pieces on show. The Exhibition also brings together British and Chinese artists, representing the largest fringe Art Hong Kong event of its kind, so if you're about roll through.

For those not familiar with the series of Daydreaming with.. exhibitions, it began life in 2010, when UNKLE's James Lavelle curated an exhibition at Haunch of Venison, showcasing his collaborations and partnerships with artists including Jamie Shovlin, Jonas Burgert, Polly Borland, 3D and Futura.

The exhibition is open from 4 May- 7 June. 

Details on the flier! 
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