Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nike The Chance: The Reporters

You may have noticed in recent weeks that we are working with Nike on The Chance – an international competition that gives ambitious young football talent an opportunity to play on the big stage and be recognised and scouted by the biggest clubs and coaches on the planet. We've partnered to support the creative element of Nike's global campaign that is simultaneously searching for up-and-coming filmers and photographers – The Reporters.


With so many talented individuals out there creating brilliant images and videos, a wealth of potential‘Reporters’had to be whittled down to just six individuals specialising in either photography or film. The Reporters have started documenting the journey and as proceedings are now underway, we wanted to introduce the final six we've chosen, alongside Nike and project mentor Neil Bedford, to be a part of the creative competition that will be judged by legendary filmmaker Spike Lee.

DSC_0018 - Version 2   

Akwasi Age: 22

DSC_0037 - Version 2   

Bafic Age: 18

DSC_0031 - Version 2 

  James Clothier Age: 21

DSC_0016 - Version 2   

Mollie Mills Age: 19

  DSC_0024 - Version 2-fixed 

  Ollie Adegboye Age: 22 

  DSC_0145 - Version 2 

  Tatyana Age: 21

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