Thursday, 7 July 2011

End Of The News Of The World

I find it pretty fitting ollie's last post was called "Closing Time" because that's exactly whats happened to the News Of The World.
This murdered girls phone and other hacking scandals, seems to be one blow the papers not able to get back up from.
So Mr Murdoch has called time on the 168 year old red top. This Sunday will be the papers last issue. SH*T IS NUTS !
As sh*t as the paper was I'ma miss the sports sections ! nobody covered football better.


Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Shaun Savage said... it's now called the Sunday Sun with the same senior staff so it's just a the same shitty (rebranded) rag. Hardly an armageddon for Murdoch. As a friend of mine just put it, its basically just like the Arab Spring. Jubilation quickly supplanted by grinding reality.


Tu Nguyen said...

Thank god for that. God riddance to bad rubbish really.

Anonymous said...

Bring back The Daily Sport.

Anonymous said...

what he sed^

junkii said...

I'm with Vince Cable on this - the buck stops with Murdoch, he clearly doesn't believe Rebecca Brooks was as ignorant and incompetent as she makes out.