Thursday, 7 July 2011

Pursuit Grooves: Frantically Hopeful

After reading Emile's review of PG's Fox Trot Mannerisms, Johnny from Outpost Media contacted the blog to see if he'd be interested in her new album. Never one to turn an offer down, here's what Emile (me!) came up with...

Pursuit Grooves - Frantically Hopeful image

Artist: Pursuit Grooves

Release: Frantically Hopeful

Record Label: Tectonic

Quite some time has elapsed since minds last mused over the works of mercurial artist, Pursuit Grooves. Still, when rumour held that she was to deliver a sophomore release to her Tectonic label debut, the anecdote that absence makes the heart grow fonder bore a painfully sweet reminder of its truth.

Entitled Frantically Hopeful, Pursuit Grooves’ latest offering is far from a departure from her previous piece, Fox Trot Mannerisms. Instead, it signifies a blossoming or maturity; not necessarily in terms of production value, but more in the way that she conveys her character, her physicality, her aura through sound. Take the track, Peace Talks, for example, with its inviting minimalism and loosely quantised, syncopated structure. There is a strong analogue vibe which, in our ever digitised existence, is quaint and comforting, much in the way that thoughts of home are. Sat aloft this milieu are soft, crooning vocals, characterising the feelings of a young woman, but with an essence only a mother could express.

Transformation of Consciousness is an entirely different affair, with a sound that parallels Detroit Techno. Its linear percussion and siren-like synth heighten alertness almost to panic, but then its slow tempo makes any cautious sentiment become passive, turning the piece into a rhythmic point of focus. Of course, there is Attention. Appearing as one of the final tracks, it embodies every mode and mood presented on the album, but with a melodic melancholy that forces contemplation. Rhodes key play, sparse drums, coarse synths and ad-libs come together to compose the track, taking a direction that transports the listener to a place of otherness.

Frantically Hopeful is a fine demonstration of what is right with Electronic music. There is nothing remotely pretentious or contrived about this release, it simply just is. Increasingly, it seems as though Pursuit Grooves can do no wrong.

Words: Emile

Frantically Hopeful is out now. You can find PG on Blogger, Twitter and Soundcloud

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