Sunday, 10 July 2011

Deset - Virus EP (GOB002)

For those that remember back at the end of February I carried out an interview with Deset for a 5 part series showcasing a selection of the new wave grime producers making some of the most exciting instrumentals at the time.

Deset is back with a release that he mentioned in that interview which is his long awaited, almighty; 'Virus EP' which is out on Mr. Mitch's Gobstopper Records on 19th August and will be available in all good digital music stores.

"The next release from Gobstopper Records is the Virus EP by North London producer Deset. This entire EP is packed with energy, waiting to explode out of your speakers. The title track hits your chest hard with a combination of distorted kick drums, grimy basslines and orchestral strings. While 'Troll' comes in hard with a roaring bassline and fast paced drums.

Accompanying these tracks are remixes from, Dexplicit legendary grime producer and creator of one Grimes most celebrated tracks (Pow!), and label owner Mr. Mitch, both bringing additional energy to the release."

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Watch out for the next release on Gobstopper Records in the near future which is from Moony with an exclusive 4 track EP. One to look forward to!

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