Thursday, 28 July 2011

Galeries Goldstein at the Goodhood Store Tonight (July 28th)


Asbestos Curtain
A new phase in Comic Abstraction

Galleries Goldstein at Goodhood (GaG) is a collaborative project. A permanent artist run space, dedicated to showing new art. On Thursday July 28th, Galleries Goldstein at Goodhood will open its inaugural show of works in the emerging genre of Comic Abstraction. The exhibition includes a mix of established and upcoming artists. In 2007 MOMA held a show entitled Comic Abstraction, this term remains the closest definition of this new genre thus far. Asbestos Curtain contributes significantly to the mapping of a new phase in Comic Abstraction. The artists involved in the show are: Edwin Burdis, Marten Daamgard, Horfe, Husk Mit Navn, Alec Kronacker, Robert Logan, Russell Maurice, Mark Mulroney, Andro Semeiko, Daniel Sparkes, Willem Weismann.

From 6.30pm

Goodhood Workshop
20 Coronet Street
N1 6HD

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