Saturday, 9 July 2011

Engineered Garments - AW/11

Good luck finding a better collection than this...











I got a strong feeling these looks are gonna dictate the casual wear industry for the next few seasons.


Anonymous said...

really? sure, it's nice enough, but more or less the same old workwear/hunting/americana/blah blah blah thats been doing the rounds for the last few years. nothing much exciting here far as i can see. pitti umo, or whatever its called, uniform.
to me, dressing well is about individuality and flair. fuck all these labels. this kind of stuff really just looks so staid and predictable now. much better to dig about and find some interesting 'vintage' (yeah, i hate that word) pieces with real character to throw in the mix as apposed to this this kind of off the peg rehash that apes the look but goes for twice the price. no? hmm.
in my eyes anyone kitted out in this clobber, and i see them often, really just looks like a dressed-by-the-internet pillock

Ollie Danger said...

The majority of menswear brands definitely fall under your statement. But I think you're wrong about this collection. You can clearly see the originality in some of the pieces and in the styling.

Daiki is a talented dude.

Each to their own though....

eastlondonboy said...

I personally think it looks good.

Anonymous said...

bunch of queer boys

peter0808 said...

air max shoes

Anonymous said...

of course daiki godzuki [sic] is talented. one of the best.
but this stuff, in general, is just not doing anything for me anymore.

but of course thats just my 2 cents.

at least it aint got mickey mouses on it.

Anonymous said...

one last thing...

looking over it on another site i will say its not at all bad. but my point stands as far as im concerned.

and for sure, each to to there own.

(i hear there are wars and famine or some shit going on in the world no?)

but yo, big up menswear.

Ollie Danger said...

What was it you said you were doing to make the world a better place?

Thought so..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Keep this stuff in London Fields. Don't put it on my internet please.