Thursday, 7 July 2011

Mowgli - Skydiver

New contributor to BNTL so i'll keep this short and sweet. This is a video I came across, not too familiar with his sound but great production of both music and video a like, the concept and styling is spot on too. Check out Emilie Morris a jewellery designer from East London, some of her pieces are used in Mowgli's video. The song's taken from his debut album '93' available here.

Seems this futuristic sound has touched down around 90 BPM with the likes of Om Unit (among others) and crossing over to producers like Silkie, Quest and Kromestar all bringing there individual styles to the sound. Although the tempo is your average Hip Hop speed, its all very bass driven much like the LA guy's.
I'm happy to see of recent how there are no barriers to music, although certain producers insist on pushing the formulaic nonsense, there are defiantly some gems to be found! Get diggin' !

Music by Mowgli
Video by Ben Winston

Art Direction and Production Design by William Lynch


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