Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Fantatic City Magazine.

Fanatatic City is a magazine put together by my good friend Nadine Garrick, as the Editor at the helm of this project I've watched her nature it and build it to the fantastic publication that is today. With the help of Peter Stadden of Intersection Magazine on creative director duties. They've manage to release a healthy solid looking vol 1, here are a few shots of the magazine.


In a rapidly changing city, FANATIC CITY is leader championing all things fashion, music & art in London. Celebrating the key creatives constantly making their mark on our beloved town, FANATIC CITY is a quarterly high end fashion and arts magazine with the highest value on agenda setting editorial, cutting edge photography and visual innovation.

Profiling a range of talent from all four corners of
London, our only bias is this: London is where it’s at. With a range of inclusive interviews and exclusive photo shoots FANATIC CITY is a concept born out of a contemporary outlook, and much love, where we aim to bring readers fresh ideas and a different perspective. Launched in May 2011, FANATIC-CITY-MAGAZINE.COM is our online extended arm, complimenting the magazine giving you an interactive way to keep up with our movements and preview the magazine.


I had the pleasure of sitting next to this fine piece of meat Shakira. and also contributing and a article on my retrospective of London.



If you wanna read my article (below) your gonna have to get a copy.



Bntl's very own Adam Tickle was at hand to contributed by interviewing my friend and founder of LEX records, Tom Brown.




The homie Abbey contributed some work and was also interviewed about her art.




For further information on Fanatic City Magazine check out the website by just a (click)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Beefcake said...

Yes Lego, didn't know you were a Chaucer boy, reespect.

jusanothertroll said...

give it til volume 3 till it flops & rightly disappears back up its own arsehole. saying nothing new. all pr bullshit for 'friends of friends'. better of using/giving all the money and time used in producing this toilet roll to charity or sumthin.