Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Dank Magazine - issue 2

I came across this interesting Skate board magazine titled Dank, whilst looking through febuary's issue of monocle magazine.
I haven't had the pleasure of having a butcher through a copy just yet, but from just the info on the website I'd say its a must pick up.

Dank is an independent skateboard magazine from Oslo, Norway. The magazine was founded in 2010 by three friends brought together by a shared passion for skateboarding and print media.


Dank is a collaborative effort by graphic designer Jørn Aagaard, assistant editor Aksel Overskott and editor-in-chief Eirik Traavik. The project started in fall 2009, when we were all fed up with reading for exams and began to play with the thought of making a gritty fanzine about skating. We’d all skated for over ten years, and were working in journalism and graphic design on a freelance basis when not studying. We thought it could be a fun project to work on, and figured that the zine would provide an excellent excuse to throw a couple of releaseparties.

Dank #2 features interviews with Jon Kåre Skiple, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Nestor Judkins, Chad Muska, Greg Hunt, and Vivien Feil and Soy Panday of Magenta Skateboards. The second issue has also got extensive photo sections, as well as stories on Tyler, the Creator and up-and-coming Norwegian band Young Dreams. All issues sold through the Dank Store come with a supplement made exclusively for international readers, featuring English translations of all the stories.


Check out the Dank Website by just a (click)
Purchase a copy (here)

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