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Jon Rust. That's my actual name.

Where are you from? Where are you living?

Living in Whitechapel, E1 but born in Carshalton and grew up in Morden. Surrey/London Boroughs.

Describe the music you play?

Isn't that your job though? I play it, you write it!

Ok. imagine I'm a fisherman and you and me are in a boat. I dive down off the side. I'm gone a while. Eventually, I bring you up a clam. Inside it is a pearl. It's that.


Who are you down with? Who do you rep?

I play on NTS Radio, every Saturday 4-6pm. The station has a real vibe with so many great DJs and shows - Marsha and Charlie Bones on the breakfast shows. Boilerroom crew on Sunday nights, Meandyou for straight house music and PipeDown for more upsetting stuff. Musically, it's a great gauge for what is happening in London at any given time. But there's also a real emphasis on broadening the audience's horizons, so it's not just music - NTS broadcasts interviews and discussions - it's culture and community.

I've been kicking about with Standard Place crew since the House Party days. Oneman, Reecha, ASBO, Barclay, Billy and Co. We underwent a revival over the past 18 months, which has been great fun - parties, Boilerroom sessions, and a few warehouse jams. It's a DJ thing rather than a producer thing, and isn't tied to any genre. Plus it's always nice to be get down with friends & family, in an intimate setting.

The roots of both NTS and SP has been Plastic People though: I first met Oneman there in the early FWD>> days and Mr Wonderful aka Femi (Founder of NTS) was a resident on the Saturdays when I later worked the bar. We were basically spoiled rotten at that club: the attention to the sound system, the space and the vibe. Everyone whose life has been touched by that place can say they have something in common. So respect to Ade, Floss Daily, Charlotte and Bernard for that.

What was the first tune of the last set you played?

That would be Tuff Jam - Feel My Love.


Tell us about your latest project's?

My Winter Mixtape is about to drop - a studio mix to bump in the colder months. I don't often do studio mixes (probably 2 or 3 ever) but the intention is to put something out there with more staying power than a radio shows or a club set, which tend to be tied to a specific time and place.

I'm working with a photographer to put together artwork to accompany my mixes. Serena Noorani, she's not very well known, but she's super talented. She still works a lot using film and is adept with colour processing techniques, so her aesthetic will complement my sound perfectly.

Reecha and I also run a label together, Lightworks and we're putting together music for that. Last year was a lot of parties and DJing, so this year we're putting more work into that.

Favorite tunes to play out in the past few months ?

On radio, Bullion's mini LP - You Drive Me to Plastic (Young Turks) It's just ridiculous, drawing on everything from prog-rock to folk and avant garde electronics. And the etched vinyl is a piece of art.

Mingi - Sherehekeya. Another stunner, so unique, and people always ask me what it is. A Maurice Fulton production, no less.

I got to say Jam City, Waterworx EP too. Shout to the Night Slugs gang, they don't mess about.

And more recently, Eightfold Path by Desto and Jimi Tenor. It's on the flip of the latest 502 Recordings. Shimmery oldschool dubstep Horsepower vibes.


Favorite item of clothing you own?

I picked up a Missoni tie the other week for fiver. It's beautiful. I don't even wear ties that much... but when I do, it'll be Missoni.

Footwear, I'm wearing a pair of Nike Air Max 180s. I run in them but someone actually stopped me in the street and was like "you shouldn't get them dirty bruv"

Wtf is that about I do not know. Your kicks touch the ground. The ground is dirty. Deal with it. People obsessed with keeping pristine trainers do strike me as slightly mentally ill.

Your five needs to get high on life?

Increasingly, a soundcheck. I absolutely love playing records to people, but a lot of clubs don't look after their gear, so I need to get down there beforehand to make sure things are nice.

And food made with love. Don't insult yourself and others with crap.

Sharing good food and good sound, that's it really.

Favorite meal?

Breakfast. Get that right and you're flying.

Drink of choice?

Capri Sun, any day of the week. Cherry if they have it.

Alcoholic? Polish beer.

Or if it's a posh joint, a gin martini. With an olive in it.

Is it better Never, than Late?

My timekeeping is erratic, at best. So late is better than never.


Give us one name to watch for in 2012 ?

Henny Moan (The musician, not the actress)

He is just on another level. His first album, The Coming Thaw just dropped, and it is an absolute gift.

Keep updated here: OneSheetStaple.

What's set for you in 2012?

"The future's not set. There's no fate but what we make for ourselves" - Sarah Connor



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