Friday, 27 January 2012

Strictly for wearing - Streetwear Retrospective

I think this was one of the last real great pieces that came from Futura and Maharishi/Unkle. I was never really into the Unkle thing but don't get me wrong though, Mo Wax was one of the most important record labels the UK has produced but by the time it went Unkle I think most true headz had moved on.

The jacket below was a true classic and a real highlight for British Streetwear. It was on the edge of what Streetwear was and what it was becoming. This jacket still felt like it has been made for and by the military but it carried the symbols of a cult movement. It was to be worn whilst painting and not to be treated as a piece of artwork in its self. I think this is really important because Streetwear was born out of function which created the blueprint for the look.

Now Nike paint brown stuff on there trainers to make them look old, the brown stuff doesn't make the trainers function any better its just a short cut to a look. It's a shame the dirt on your trainers would once tell a personal story of where they have been, like the paint on your jacket would show that you were an active member of street culture.


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