Wednesday, 11 January 2012


So it seems as though slowly but surely grime fans are beginning to accept that there is actually a huge amount of talent outside the confines of the M25 that is in a number of cases just as promising if not more so than that inside it.

For example when it comes to production outside of London you'd have to be extremely ignorant to overlook or deny the impact that producers like TRC, Preditah and S-X have made within the grime scene over the last few years.

With this in mind I think it's definitely given the up and coming producers outside of London a larger platform in which to stand up against the other leading producers in the UK at the moment.

This brings me onto 18 year old K1_Dubz hailing from Wolverhampton who has been producing since 2009. I first heard his productions towards the end of last year on LOTM3 and also on Spooky's 1Xtra guest mix. His production covers a number of angles, from the fast paced and aggressive to the dark trap like sounds that I hope you will be able to hear from some of his tracks that I have selected below.

2012 is already looking positive for K1 with most recent support coming from Logan Sama and the discussion of a forthcoming EP in the pipeline on Spooky's Ghost House Recordings label.

Be sure to check out the links below and grab his most recent release, the 'Donation' EP!

One Shot (Clip) by K1_Dubz

Armed Robbery (Clip) by K1_Dubz

Streetlights (Clip) by K1_Dubz

Wumpa Fruit by K1_Dubz

Admay by K1_Dubz

K1_Dubz Soundcloud

K1_Dubz Bandcamp

K1_Dubz Twitter

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