Monday, 30 January 2012

Oi Polloi for Clarks Wallabee

The ever consistent boys at Oi Polloi have dropped one of the best Clarks Wallabee collabs to date. Choosing to use the best materials and colours over messing with the panels. I would have loved to see a mid top version but the shoe as a silhouette seems synonymous with the Manchester look. The Wasabi colourway is a winner...






"When tasked with creating a variation on one of our favourite shoes, we were initially stumped. How to improve on a design as classic as the Clarks Wallabee? Something special was in order — ‘Unicorn Leather‘ — the name given to elk hides by the specialist tannery tasked with producing the raw materials. As with all deer and antelope skins, the resulting leather is naturally very soft. When using hides from wild animals, there are always plenty of scars and scratches on the leather. The tannery have rightly made a feature of this natural quality, accentuating it with the use of aniline dye. Aniline dyed leathers are tumbled for up to 12 hours, in order to enhance the subtle variations of each hide and ensure a vibrant colour."

Available to buy now HERE.

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