Thursday, 3 May 2012

Redux x BNTL Noodles Mix and Interview

Founding member and DJ of the seminal garage collective Groove Chronicles, Noodles is a true legend of the scene. Having produced such tunes as Stone Cold and Black Puppet, he is widely regarded as setting the creative watermark of UK garage. We caught up with him briefly to find out what makes him tick... ahead of Redux's 2nd Birthday, next Friday at Corsica Studios.....

You are a proud vinyl only DJ, what are the pro's and con's of sticking to vinyl format? 
 It’s really down to what you prefer, vinyl is normally mastered better.

You have been at the forefront of the garage scene well over a decade now, what is your view on the newer strains of garage and 2-step to emerge from the UK in recent years? 
Interesting stuff, it’s still based on the original sound. It’s all creative which is healthy for more good music.

You originally started Groove Chronicles in the mid 90s with El-B, how did you two meet and what caused you to part ways? 
Sold him music when he was 14 (didn’t really know him then, that’s what he told me) met him years later and he started engineering for me.
I gave him a job at unity records (I was the manager there) so he could listen to the records that I wanted to use later on in production. Musical differences is why we parted.

You now run DPR Recordings, what has been your favourite release of late and what's in the pipe line for the label? 
There is too many to say, feeling dubchild, d-funk material & dubstep plus wr1ng136s’ stuff, he produces a next blend of jungle/dubstep, which is heavy. What’s in pipeline is dubchild speaker smashers album (dubstep), Shaun Escoffery “so sweetly” remixes feat dubchild/wr1ng136/modepth & CJ Reign..So plenty going on with DPR recordings

What was the first tune of the last set you played?
Errr, a garage record! I can’t remember, could have been lesson in love (Steve Gurley) or Black Puppet (Groove Chronicles)

Who would you like to work with in the future? 
Zed Bias, we’ve been talking about this for years! 

What is your favorite tune to play out in the past few months?
Tainted love (UKG mix)

Where is your favourite place to buy records? 
Juno / Boomkat

Favorite item of clothing you own?
Avirex leather jacket, it’s my DJ jacket.

What is your favourite 'garage memory' from the early days? 
Dropping Whitney Houston “It’s not right” the original version, at Cookies & Cream (Saturday night).
It went out live on Kiss FM, a few name brand DJ’s thought it wouldn’t go down well... but it did! I played it again at Twice as Nice (on the Sunday) & it dropped there too... After that everyone was playing the original..

Favourite meal?

Your five needs to get high on life?
Health, Food, Happiness, Music, Love

Give us one name to watch for in 2012?

What can we expect to hear in your set at the Redux 2nd Birthday bash?  
A load of good garage music from me.

Is it better never, than late? 
Always late…

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