Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Vinyl Toys...Another addiction..

Most of us own a vinyl toy now.

Why we brought it, stole it or were given it isnt important.

What is inportant is theres no escaping this addiction. Just like Merlin Premier League Stickers back in school (hold tight anyone who still owns a full book) some people have to have them all, some like them for the art the various artist adorn them with, some like them for the limited edition factor...whatever your reason for liking them this toy is the biz.

My friends Steve and Lil are two artists based in the midlands, they mainly work on canvass and have had exhibitions all over the world from Israel to New York. There love for vinyl toys and art encouraged them to design there own toy named Pet Zombie...

The sketch....


The prototype...


Hopefully this toy will be available to buy in the near future, issues in Japan have slowed down production. This is a BNTL exclusive first glimpse of the toy and as soon as the toy drops i'll be putting the word out.

Pet Zombie's Myspace:

Steves Myspace:

Lil's Myspace:

Some of my favourite toys...






Retch' 91 said...

i do envy your i have not one but none lol.
the my names is-one looks live!

Matthew Schnickens said...

I like that prototype, though the brain showing reminds me of that one Kaws did, not up on vinyl toys so can't give you a name..

Was the stussy guy with the court forces or did you buy it seperate?

Ollie Danger said...

Yeh i think your on about the half and half 'chamilion' toy from kaws, il out it to them.

Yeh ut came with the Court forces.

PRIMED said...

i really want that stussy leon (is that his name?)