Friday, 1 July 2011

Splurt Diablo

If at first you're not familiar with the name Splurt Diablo then it's possible that you might be more familiar with his signature 'vomit' tag that features on his grime productions which in many cases have been vocalled in recent times by the MC's who make up South London based; Family Tree.

It's safe to safe that if you're a regular listener of the grime shows on Rinse.FM,, Urban FM, 1xtra and Nasty Fm then you will have noticed an increasing amount of Splurt's grime productions creeping into the mixes and getting the rightful airplay that they deserve from the likes of Spooky, Oil Gang, Score 5, Smallz, Dan Gar Dan, Spyro, and Starkey to name but a few.

With some heavyweight productions on recent projects such as Merky Ace's 'Blue Battlefield' and Kozzie's 'The Problem's Started,' it's certain that the name Splurt Diablo is not going to be one that is disappearing anywhere anytime soon, but instead becoming more of a grime household name among the scene's top selected beat makers.

M.I.K - Rebecca Black (Prod. by Splurt) by MIKMUSICUK

Keep an eye out for future releases from Splurt Diablo, hopefully we will see an EP over the coming months because if you've heard his recent tracks such as 'J3' or 'Bang' then you will know about the levels of this guy's productions.

Splurt - Handbrake Turn by MerkyACE

Finally, at the beginning of the week Splurt Diablo joined the twitter wave and with that he has put up two of his productions for FREE download.

The first of those; 'USB' can be downloaded HERE


The second of them is entitled 'Omega' which can be downloaded HERE

Splurt Diablo on Twitter

Splurt Diablo on Soundcloud

Splurt Diablo & Merky Ace on Bandcamp

The 'Quadrant EP' OUT NOW on DIGITAL & VINYL


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