Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 Look Back

First of all excuse my lateness with the end of year post. I really intended for it to drop on Friday the 30th of December, but a sudden dose of fatigue, illness and a female going by the name of Tyronjay did not allow me to finish off business. But regardless I got it done and I present to you the 2011 Look Back.

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If Pinocchio had blond weave, dark skin and an ass the size of Ethiopia we would call him Beyonce. Simply because all that woman has done for the past 6 - 5 months is LIE. I don’t even have to speak on it, the pictures tell the full story. Her stomach looks like the shape of homer Simpson’s head!

I actually don’t know who I feel more embarrassment for, the dumbass fans who are still believing this phony, or her for wearing a fake stomach.

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Rihanna started to dress like someone who attended the Alibi, down Dalston every other night.

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The young Teflon dons over at Second to None went from strength to strength. From just having a simple life style blog they moved onto to open their very own physical retail space up in Guilford. Hard work all day long from them guys.

Screen shot 2011-12-30 at 08.59.20

The Arab Spring killed off or removed a number of powerful individuals from various parts of Africa. No dictator who possessed oil was safe. We need a revolution like this in the Uk, if you ask me.
I personally would Love to see David Camerons dead body in a Sainsbury's fridge freezer, chilling with some hash browns and a few boxes of economy range beef burgers. The same way they did my boy Gaddafi.

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BBM crashed for two days straight, and with that said so did a number of guys game. That once very reachable, vulnerable hoe whose pin you managed to get at Penthouse or the BangBang was out of reach for two days straight. Shit was tough for some.

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Bntl produced this This


and this

Jay-Z and Kanye dropped their collaborative effort, Watch The Throne. One of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the past 10 years. One of the most hyped albums ever. Two of the greatest hiphop artists to do it. One of the best online marketing campaigns for a album I've seen.
Only for the album to be just . . . ok. F*ck Im gonna go all the way and just say it was shit. They should have released the album with two tracks "n*ggas in paris & Gotta have it" and I guarantee you it would have been a instant classic.

Jay-Z-&<span class=

Swizz Beats was the marketing mans favorite collaborator in 2011. I don’t know who in the world was sitting in the office one day, and thought lets hire Swizz Beats as the creative director of Reebok and Lotus. Whoever it was F*CK-OUTTA-HERE with that bullsh*t.
Like really, tell me that shoe don't look like something he sneezed out of his enormous nose.

swizz-&<span class=

Soldier boy got caught with fire arms, sent to prison but unfortunately was then released.
I know when you read he was released from prison, you all went "aaaaaaah maaaaaan"
Well the good news is he still has to stand trial for gun possession and drug charges. So he could be going back in the slammer in 2012 HIP HOP is finally getting cleaned up! See if you can Superman a h*e in the slammer PUNK.

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Gucci mane got a ice cream tattooed to the side of his face.
yes, the ice cream has the letters "B r r r"
no it is does not stand for anything.
yes you are supposed to just say, brrrrr (like you would, if you were cold)
yes he is as dumb as he looks.
no us black people do not claim him as our own.

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90% of rappers continued to rap about weed this, weed that, blah blah.

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Amy died, Steve Jobs died, Heavy D died, Nate dogg died, Macho man died . . .

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Tulisa should have died

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Ya'll know I'm only playing, she don't actually have to "die", maybe she just needs to really hurt herself. Really bad . . . . so shes not on tv any longer.

Modern day uniform for 2011 was the Sap back > gshock > chinos > jordans > fuckoutta here with that shit and stop being a sheep.

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Chicken-heads from the hood and proud
"2.0 contradicting Vice magazine like hipsters", actually thought they were the new Air jordan masters, or Airmax one originators.
The shit amused me highly.
Some of y'all need to fall back. No thy self fools. I literally just watched you jump on the hype. I ain't forgot you was in them bait roadside Filas the other day and I certainly didn't forget you were rocking them rumple stilt-skin jls boots the week before either. (side note if you still mess with them boots, kill ya'self)

photo 3

Supreme opened their first shop in Europe. Madness on opening day is not the word. The amount of people who turned up was just bananas, all to buy a key chain and to say they were there. smh we living in troubled times folks.
The opening party was a decent affair the night before i must say, and ghostface preforming at the after party capped it off nicely.

That night for two seconds, as I walked into the store for the event I felt kinda bad walking past the kids who had been camping outside the store for the official opening which was held the next day. I was genuinely thinking, who the fuck am I to jump a full 15 hours before them all.
Buuuut then I came to my senses and thought nah, f*ck these fruit cake eating fan boys. They need to man up. They should be chasing fat assed chicks and getting the blackberry pins of hoes at the Bump, not camping outside stores for clothes!

supreme q @ &<span class=


News of the World got caught hacking into z list celebrities telephones and as a result had to shut down shop. I can't front I thought it was funny, you that hungry for a story you bug Hugh Grant's phone?!
He ain't sh*t but a old rich actor who will never have another film in his life. (and that's real talk, sorry mr grant I actually do like you)
At least get caught hacking Obama's calls or a video hoes pillow talk session. I mean really a dead girls phone to, come on guys that's really unnecessary. You already know she ain't making no calls shes dead goddammit!

And then on top of that the police was concealing the scam to. That's how you know these motherf*ckers all run together, all on that . . . You suck my titty, i'll suck your titty.


The only real good to come out of Repurt Murdochs grief, is knowing his wifey is 100% ride or die chick! see the way she jumps up and gets a swift sonic BOOM! to the face of the guy that threw the pie.

Youth unemployment rose to 1 million, in turn the number of viewers of the Jeremy kyle show to had a sharp increase. Man it ain't easy for a new graduate.


Everybody was letting their true feelings known about the races they hated. From scruffy white ladies who had been jilted at the alter, to captain hook look a like fashion directors. Offensive racist remarks were on many peoples lips, like lemon fresh wipes from kfc.

Osama Bin Laden was caught after 10 years
in of all places Pakistan (could have been a bit more creative if you ask me . . . Hawaii, sweden, jamaica). Regardless he was caught, chilling eating a samosa and watching midget porn. Long story short he was then shot in the face with a pellet gun full of jam and nutealla, look at picture for evidence.

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Mark Duggen was "deaded" off by police, shot in his bean (theirs no coming back from that) The two officers then tried to cover it up. Usually when police kill people there able to cover it up easily, because there all one big unit who have one another's back like the KKK, or like a bunch of hoes who all work at the same strip club.
But this time around it didn't work and there senseless killing of a UNARMED black man in police custody was not over looked.

mark-&<span class=

Subsequently 4 days of crazy riots and looting took place, majority of the criminal activity was done by youths.
JD, footlocker and various electrical shops got run upon and ran through like superhead at a rappers convention back in the early 2000's.
Since then the government has over looked those 4 days, and everyone has forgotten about the two scumbag police officers who committed the initial murder. What more can I say, its a damn joke

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My girls Loren and Teo Corner, handle the 100 anniversary of the Woman’s day project in London, which tuned out to be a fantastic success. Check it out (here)

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British "URBAN" which is basically the equivalence of British POP continued to dominate the charts.

Oh and then there was this thing, that took place all over the house

Day Care dropped and Drake started catching bodies!!

Drake Daycare

Amanda knox did some perverted sexual act on a British female, killed her then tried to put the blame her boss- a black man (surprise surprise - rolls eyes). She was later trialed and then acquitted from murder.
But we all know she did it.

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Casey Athony the lady who killed her baby, then wrapped it in duck tap, buried it in the woods and lied to police was freed and acquitted of murder in july.



Troy Davies was executed after being on death row for over 25 years. Over 660,000 different individuals showed support to troy in his case by signing a petition to save him, but he was still "deaded" off via execution style.
Shouts out to the American government, you pussy's ain't SH*T.


Michael Jackson’s doctor was made a scape goat jailed for the mans murder.

Michael Jackson-Doctor

We all found out Ray J did drugs and knew gay thugs

Top boy had everybody gripped to their televisions. At times it was a little over the top but it was good none the less.

top-boy-4-shot-on-roof-<span class=

The NBA made a healthy return on Christmas day, which meant finally I was reunited with the one of the brightest prospects about, Blake Griffin. This man could dunk a big mac into precious' mouth and live to tell the tale.
Hold tight the big 3 at miami losing the NBA finals to the mavs


Facebook f*cked all the mandem up. When they came through with the new look site, time line and the very lax security.
Then on top of all of that we discovered all of our previous, sent private messages were never actually deleted!
All them grimey messages you sent hot chicks years before, were actually still there chilling like a dead lizard in the sun. Don’t look at me like I'm the only motherf*cker who sent messages, I know you did to.


Tattoos were the in thing. Females with tattoos, males with tattoos, dogs with tattoos, giraffes with tattoos. I just didn’t quite get the whole hype personally.

Female Tattoo Design 4

Tumblr turned all the fifteen year old's and a couple of you sad big kids with the internet, into little emotional, consumeristic bastards who only reacted to dip dyed haired, tatted up bitches and a whole bunch of stuff they couldn’t afford.


This was easily one of the funniest things I red on tumblr in 2011.


Prince William got married to this mess, and we all paid for the over the top wedding ceremony with are tax money *shake my damn head* The joke.
I would blatantly like to walk up to the both of them and ask them,
"who the hell do you think you are?!"
Boby and Whitney never had all that sh*t, so why should you?


Rick Ross had a heart attack on his way to the opening of his chicken and wings shop.

1-21 copy

That unnecessary attack / war on Iraq officially ended on december 15th. America needs to sincerely stop putting their dick (PAUSE) where its not wanted. straight up destroying countries, all just for oil.


Love em or hate em (I know a few of you hate em), Piff Gang are here to stay deservedly so. They've manage to bring something to British Hiphop it never had before, infectious beats along side fun brash ignorant content.
I'm proud to say I am supporter of their sh*t, not gonna front they aren't the best lyrically but its still early days and they will further grow. Extra mad Shout out to the producers they use.
download their latest mixtape (here).


You can't not appreciate their shit. The beat on this bad boy is ridiculous.

Six million plus records sold of her second album "21" , fuck outta here with that madness! them numbers in todays music climate are unheard of by a british pop act.
Adele if you read this, all I wanna do is sit down sip apple juice and eat a bacon sandwiches with you. You're an amazing woman, I love you and wanna squeeze your love handles.


Japan was hit with a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and then a tsunami right after. F*cked up isn't the word. Tell me why this couldn't have happened to the republic of kazakhstan, they ain't got shit going for themselves.


One of my favorite rappers of 2010 turned out to be my favorite rapper of 2011.
Azealia Banks! This chick destroyed her first show in London, and has a flow only possessed by a true new yorker. I f*cking mess with this chicken head all day long, Azealia please don't let me down in 2012 and do some dumb shit like release a sex tape or start binging on mad coke. Don't think I don't see you hanging out with the new and improved "2.0 contradicting vice magazine like hipsters" in east London. They'll be your downfall trust me bo!


Awful gimmick rappers still had their lane in music, example 1 - Kreayshawn.
The below video is easily the worse, 16 bar I ever heard anyone spit in my whole 20sumthing years on planet earth. Plus her white lesbian like, gang sign teeth, friend v-nasty calls black people n*ggas. The cheek, call me that and i'll leave the blackness off the back of my hand on your face.

The condem government continued to make crazy cuts around the Uk and increasing tax on a number of things. Don't be surprised if you see a sharp increase on the price of weave ladies, that shit is profitable as hell.
Side note: Don't the two remind you of beavis and butt-head.


Much blessing to you all during 2012 stay safe, believe in yourself and never give up.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


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not funny

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BEST round up of the year post I've read so far! ha sick!

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Yes how dare they shoot Mark Duggan, police should just stand around and wait to be shot by armed criminals.

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Love it.

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Japans earthquake was magnitude 9. Bin Laden was found in Pakistan...

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He wasn't armed bro...

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lets bash the monarchy and conservative governments. oh and all police are crooked, obviously.

come on must one really try and be different at every given opportunity. Its just going against the status quo for the sake of it.

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