Tuesday, 23 December 2008

2008 Look Back

Long time bntl followers will remember my 2007 look back which can be seen (here).
So once again the years drawing near to an end and it was only right I came back and did it again I came a little early this year, because theres too much to highlight which took place in 2008 the sooner the post was done the better.

Don't know how this fucking cunt sold a million records in one week.
For no apparent reason I’ve felt so compelled to understand this Lil Wayne obsession. Why is it that every man and woman wants to suck this mans music dick ? He is fucking shit and he don't even write his own rhymes.
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Amir Kahn got knocked the fuck out ! Amir had the face of a pussy (literary) and the other guy had the fist of a dick so he just POUNDED it till it couldn't take no more.
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Barack Obama became President of the united States and with that he also became the 1st black president and the worlds number one target (im sure betting websites have taken bets on every detail on the first assassination attempt)
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Kanye West, Kanye West, Kanye West tutututut. I have no clue as to where to start and where to finish with this guy. So i'll just say the garbage released by this man this year was unacceptable and I expect to blog something more nicer about him next year. And if your one of the few that liked his material this year your LYING to yourself.
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A Tribe called next came STRONG this year, those who been following that blog from way back would know it was previously named "POZ blog" at that point im gonna be frank and say, it was SHIT. Even the writers on the blog didn't like (it no names).

But then mister Yates pulled out all the stops and didn't fuck about in 08. Got the previous team blogging proper shit, pulled in some well known guys, collaborated on one of this years best club nights, got shout outs in the guardian, got a fresh new blog layout, did a t shirt with insa need i say any more ? Except the forth hustle is growing. Ain't gonna lie though new web page is kinda pie.
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Other blogs to shout out 08
Rebel without a pause = josie i love the woman to much joke (pissed she locked it off)
Whores never learn = shear work rate by roc money.
Pop lock and drop = my baby mother has a offensive mouth that would shock Hugh Hefner
Wah = repping for the ladies like, amy does for drugs.
stop begging = always quality stuff not updated enough though.

The big bankers fucked about without our kitty kash and LOST it. In the process also losing hundreds of thousands of peoples mortgages, finances, jobs and much more.
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Home prices fell and families were evicted.
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So as job prospects plummeted the anonymous haters grew and left a lot of garbage talk. I ain't even gonna lie got mad love for you lot but i have to point out one particular anonymous hater who flopped on a occasion and forgot to press the anonymous button to hide his name. No names mentioned though, just a picture of him accepting his medal for DICK HEAD OF THE YEAR.
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Every rude boy had 4 things in common in 08 a knife, a gun, a pair of fake airmax 90s or 95s and a bebo account. with award winning criminal pictures which could put them away for a few years. (holdtight youtube and bebo providing criminals to the police)
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Soulja Boy got told to eat a dick my Ice T (shocking).

Beijing Olympics was BIG like certain females I used to date. One particular athlete called Shenaze Reed still to this day makes me laugh like a Alex Ferguson did when he saw John Terry miss his penalty. Her over hyped self crashed 3 times "HA" worlds number one aaah nah.
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The DUMBEST criminal in 2008 had to be Shannon Matthew's mother kidnapping her own daughter and keeping her in a flat 20mins away from her house with her boyfriends brother. Boy it sounds like something Michael Jackson would do.
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This summer was the summer of big club nights 'living proof' fell off during the middle of the year when they moved to Bar Rumba.
Yoyo's was on the lips of every hater "ah nah, yoyo's is shit now, it was only good when kesh went" . . what the fuck I certainly wouldn't make the effort to go somewhere just because kesh was there (no sendage), Trading places came along and became staple food supplement in our diets and my girl TT came through with WORK IT, a night of which i am yet to attend but don't watch that, I'll roll through soonish.
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As the club nights got better and various "scenester" events increased, so did the "scene" cats. I swear down I saw people only become other peoples friend just so they'd know where the next big event or party would be.
If you happen to be one of those people, let me tell you what we call people like you round my way . . CHIEFS (don't mistake a scene cat for some one whose out to network they are two totally different types of people, which i cant go into now).
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Lewis Hamilton became the f1 world champion, not even gonna lie I don't like the pussy lipped driver everything about him makes me wanna punch him in the nose. But props where its due the man did the impossible and gave me the perfect line every time i was dating a older woman than me this year. "If Lewis' girl ain't got a problem wit it then neither should you."
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Swagger became the number one used word in 2008 don't know why i think its fucking shit but eh.
The word swagger also replaced the ability to be able to rap in 2008, record labels and audiences alike accepted it as well, "this is what i never got". It became alright to be dressed fly or have mad swagger yet be the shittest rapper about.
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They weren't the worse but from when i've been brought up on Nas, Wu Tang, A tribe called quest etc they are just quite simply SHIT

1948 Nike Sports Wear Store London, in my opinion has to be one of the biggest disappointments. Now no disrespect to the employers that worked there mad love for you boys and girls, but Nike came so weak on the London store in my opinion. I see pictures of the nyc and tokyo store and the products they drop there and then go to the arches and see the stuff they have there and just cry.
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Blog hatters increased i have no clue why but they'd come on to a blog more likely bntl, then run back to facebook like a PUSSY and type some long shit about how blogs are dumb and all we do is blog photos of our meals and parties we attend. Ok then this ones for you people.
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Matt came with the bananas photography
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08's beg jobs was the that of the graphic designers, photographers, or freelance writers. 94% of the people that were claiming these professions were damn right liars,"STOP BEGINNING IT" as my brother Agostinho would say and go get a proper job at something your good at.
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One of London's favorite sneaker houses and biggest cotches shut down, i really couldn't comprehend with this shop shutting down holdtight the staff.
I will never forget having the SHITIST days down in Central Saint Martins (swear down the rep that school has isn't deserved) then having the pleasure of going in and chatting some shit with Wes and Nira for a good couple of hours.
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I went America and ended up in peckham 2.0 to read just click.
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A mother of two tried to get me into bed, then I found out she was still married and he was bound to come home anytime soon so i legged it. to read click

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People continued to say they were fashion designers think up SWAG images and then put them on t'shirts and sell them at mad extortionate prices.
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The NU RAVE look went out and VINTAGE 2nd hand shit came in
guys how many times did you hear a female say so proudly
"ooo this, i picked it up last week, it's vintaaaaaaage"
I mean i've seen blind people dress better than some of you fuckers (I SWEAR DOWN) but what would really make you wanna go to the smelliest shops in the world and pick out clothes older than yourself i just don't understand. (and i know 70% of you don't wash them before you wear em)
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The boys went to Newyork and had what seemed to be the time of there lives . . fried chicken and hot woman what more do i need to say
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Kaws came went to bed so many different labels this year it just became a joke, every time i went onto hypebeast it was kaws X _____ this kaws X _______ that FUCKING HELL YOU PRICK STOP IT, its enough do shit through your own label.
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The most pointless shopping centre opened in West London, i really don't see what the thought process was.
What tourists comes to London to go to Shepards Bush ?
Why do they have the luxury brands 1 minute away from paperchase ?
Why can you walk past a louis vuitton store and meet a Dixie fried chicken 2 minutes down the road ? dumbest shit ever if you ask me

Rafael Nadal stepped up (i hate the guy personally, im a Federer fan for life)
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Arsenal were SHIT, thus far this year i put them in the list last year for breathtaking football, this unfortunately there here for shitist team period.
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Woolworths closed down :| i can still remember getting my pick 'n' mix from the woolworths down peckham as a child, sad times. AAAArgh well life moves on
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Television channels and telephone scandals went together like Richard and judy.
Every wondered why you never won a television phone competition ?
Well in 2008 everyone found out it was due to television channels being cheats,
they sneakily closing competitions early without telling audiences but yet still charging them for the calls. JACK EM JACK EM
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Boris became London mayor (BANG BANG)
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And finally mad love to the friends I made in 08 they made my year one of the best ever.
All those i met way back in early January outside size? to all those i met in december on a train ride down to Liverpool Street station.
To many good people in 08 to mention, those that picked up my sneakers for me in stormy weathers and others that put marc jacobs on my back and in my hands i appreciate you all like a fat kid loves cake.

And finally love for the bntl readers that come on the blog daily.

Now you know I'm never early, because I'm better when I'm late.


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog!

JACKbntl said...

lego your yench. big post.

looking forward to 09


santas wasteman helper said...

That's what I'm talking about!!!!
This has made my day, I maybe compelled to actually work today, but whoops I forgot I'm a wasteman!!!
Merry Christmas BNTL!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

good post
but next time reread it - too many errors

p.s what happened to aah nah?

Anonymous said...

But allow still going at Ginger Kid, I think he did actually mean to cuss you publicly, thats what he is like, he does it alot, no anon slip ups went on there bro.

Very funny shiiiiit though. Props.

Anonymous said...

verrrryyyyy nice post thumbs up.

PropperGanda said...

Lego dude! i am with you on everything here, im an arsenal man and yes tru they fukd it, sportswear store anywhere else but london looks dope ad it looks like they have a party every week!! Big post keep it up, your posts are lways worth waiting for!!



Anonymous said...

SICK! BNTL is the best blog of 08 without a doubt, you've given me jokes, the stateside posts were heavy and Ron was nice chap when i met him at Trading Places.

And Fuck Ginger Kid and the waste MTV no marks!

Godfrey said...

Mr Lego every thing was on point in this post i must say. But you forgot one thing the funky house / dubstep movements they came hard this year i feel

and what happened with You and Ginger Kid ? (ive been of the blogging seen for a while)

big up mr lego and bntl everytimeeee !

Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne is Jokes

Anonymous said...

I remember those times when I wasn't allowed adidas trainers, my ma said they were too expensive for a seven year old, so I had to make do with woolworths trainers and my brother expertly gave me a 3rd stripe!!! I will miss woolworths, where I will I buy (or steal) my pick n mix from to go cinema? ! I can't understand why everybody overloves Lil Waye, the man drinks cough syrup for fucks sake!!!!

louisehaynes said...

So much so that I have to capitalise it to represent it virtually. You can have some x's as well. They've got to be good for something right ? Probably scrabble.

Anonymous said...

"Beijing Olympics was BIG, like certain females I used to date."


misterlego said...

appreciated all like a fat kid loves cake

aah nah got deleted

nothing happened with ginger kid mister godfrey . . .

and louise the only lady aloud to eat off my plate il be playing scrabble later on

09 here we come

wasteanon said...

Big post, sums up why iu read bntl everyday!

bntl all day
09 +

Anonymous said...

disagree with the lweis hamilton comment, you cunt.

nice post though :/

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fuck what you like!

Ollie Danger said...

This is too much.

This got me through a 2 hour coach journey.

Lego you are indeed priceless!

Sean said...

What a year! Props BNTL for undoubtedly being the best blog around this year, keep it up...

Ruby Tunafish said...

Big post lots of controversy!!!
big up the wagamama chicken curry!

Anonymous said...

very nice post. Beg u let one of the others edit your next post though, spelling, grammar and punctuation leave a lot to be desired.

misterlego said...

ha killing me off nicely.
oi im an artist not a writer that's my excuse.

deluded said...

posts like this is the reason i visit this site.
nice one.
merry x-mass!

Shar said...

Aw lego you always know how to make me smile whenever I come here.
Amazing blog!
Loving the remark on Woolworths. My mum brought nearly all my dolls & childhood toys from there.
Have good Christmas lads.

Big Ron said...

Big up lego! each and every

Anonymous said...



Mr.Londoner said...

this > skills rap-up..
[whenever that drops]

GregTeee said...

now I have something else to look forward to each year ... lego's round up ... before it was just skillz's bars.

but yeah out to you lego.

this made me cackle a few times.

i came to gant today but you were no where to be seen however yesterday I was on a bus and saw you ... but never came in.

scarlet pimpernel step your game up in 2009 ... im joking bro.

Anonymous said...

fuck lego

Anonymous said...

biggggg post!

Anonymous said...

this post was big. but what's the deal with the grammatical errors. i feel bad saying anything cause the post was big.

đ»OOTZ said...

if it wernt for the Arsenal part that would have been one of the best posts ever, that being said we are playing shit, and you get bonus points for questioning Lil' Wayne & Kanye's music abilities

Speeakz said...

One of the dopest 'end of year' posts I think i've ever read.

Keep doin what you do.



Anonymous said...

Dope blog lego my dude, u always have wicked round ups!!

Keep it up maaaaan!

kesi 'impossible' charles said...

lego, your you put the leg in legend!

Anonymous said...

"yoyo has died down since kesh stopped goin, everyone used to go to watch her bootay and sometimes if she was drunk some minge wud come outt

dun kno"

tht was my comment i didnt just say i stopped going cos she stopped going i dnt cudnt give a fuck about who she is, fuckin horsey nasaley whore.....

but i stopped going cos her gash was no longer out, whos with me?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ FAIL

alkx_xman said...

almost been a year since i've been checking this blog obsessively and only now have i just open a account to leave a comment and give credit where it due, to BNTL and for being the illest blog out there!!1


Tina Turnover said...

BIG POST!!!!! xxx

Loving Lego like a skinny girl loves "vintaaaaaaaaaage"

ha too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

ginger kid + lil wayne = cool

Hiroshi Fujiwara said...


Good blog.
Greetings from Japan.


Fragment Design.

TanOne said...

Yes Lego. Funny and honest

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Leumas said...


Real good read, nice way to start of my Christmas, well by the time I sleep and wake up it will be Crimbo, Merry Christmas,Hanukkah and Kwanzaa BNTL.

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