Friday, 5 December 2008

A London Somting!

Big bumba footage from back in the day. Don't try tell me Jungle found it's sound in Bristol... a London somting dis!

Sbeen a while since I've posted... coming correct real soon with some winter warmers for you and yours

Big respeck to Seani Ranks, my crew... cutting shapes at 3.34! ^

peace in the east


JACKbntl said...

big video. there are some serious barnets there.

jungle > drum & bass all day long!!!

GregTeee said...

word about the barnets jack.
and some of the garms.
but that was the time standard.

thoroughly enjoyed that maxwell.
interesting to hear where the jahova sample comes from now after watching that.

forever educating! your chest sir!

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

trussle, jungle over dnb though... it's different... that's like saying hip hop over grime (beats wise)

know your history ones

big up Tee

jamie said...

Ace! i still have this on video - it made a lasting impression and you just can't beat the tunes at the height of the 'jungle' era. Jungle forever!!:-)

misterlego said...

the beat 2:14sec into the video is HAAAAARD ! ! !

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

Well observed Lego! Big riddim! Not a clue what it's called... but I could bet I got a copy somewhere. I got an amount of vinyl from 92-95 that will take the piss out of your life if you let it. Acquired, I wasn't down in them days there

And a shout has to go out to anyone who has this on VHS!

misterlego said...

holdtight gus repping STUSSY

holdtight goldies specs

holdtight toocoldtohold for the post
BIG ! ! !

Josephine said...

yeah, i taped it when it first came on...shit, i fucking couldn't even keep still enough to watch it, i wanted to fucking explode with excitement. it still gives me chills to watch it. best motherfucking raving days of my life, hands down. no-one can touch it. everything else since is a wack imitation, partially due to tight-ass cuntfaced promoters who don't know how to throw a proper party.

i still remember parts of it word for word, e.g. ragga twins and navigator's rhyme + GQ: "brand new style for 93, mcs on the mike, rrrrrrrrrun come follow me" haha, me and my sis still take the piss out of that now.

oh shit you got me started. i have to go and touch myself now.

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

You don't know how much I wish I not so babyface and old enough to reach. It was all Jungle Feeva x Heat & Dreamscape before I was legit to get in. Vibes were good sometime but maaad moody at others. Promoters sure know how to kill a vibe for true. In part 3 of the upload on youtube the ragga twins and navigator buss a three way toast that has to be heard!

HANDO said...

This post is fucking big!! been trying to find footage like this for time....reminds me of reading the book all crews!! sick footage of shabba d in red and black hat and grooverider back when jungle was really jungle!!