Friday, 12 December 2008

Been Quiet For A Hot Minute

But finally uni has fucking finished for the crimbo holiday, giving me more time to chat more shit with you fuckers.
But I can't lie, Im slyly ready to sleep from tomorrow till my mother wakes me for crimbo dinner . . .

But thank God No more fucking roadside random meat lunches.

No more £36.90 every other week because my ink finished (what fuck is that 90p for ?)

No more boobie stress balls.

No more questions like . . why's your bag so big and full are you going away for the weekend ?
(Well if im carrying it on a Monday, what makes you think its packed for a weekend away you flipping dumb TWAT)

No more, wasted time distracted by the big booty kind (LIE)

No more waking up to a bunch of old lady smelly library books.

No more of that library energy juice.

Holdtight that Barbican sample sale, never been to a proper sample sale before so never new what to expect. But i most definitely know i'll never return to a sample sale again i was horrified.
I officially know where all the roadside goons get there raving pieces from,
definitely not a good look. DON'T GO SAVE YOUR TIME
I really went to see if i could get some Alexander mc queen and Raf simons shit, but o lordie the pieces i saw just reminded me of them fake cucumbers (or what ever the fuck they are i don't know) you get in your burgers at mcdonalds you never eat it you chuck that shit out.

oh and
holdtight my uni students struggling around town and any other form of education for that matter of fact.
holdtight my uni graduates who are finding it hard to find work, your time soon come.
holdtight benefit fraudsters and people taking advantage of job seekers allowance the governments gonna cut your asses.

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


evenstevens said...


Shar said...

Amen to that :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah gerkins there filth

GregTeee said...

Lego, the GANT sample sale was exactly the same.
They were clearly stocking up on costumes for the next football factory film!

Anonymous said...

please die a slow death

misterlego said...

I would be surprised gregg the kinds customers always roll through asking when does sale start a good 4 months early . . .

Anon :( so much hate not a good look . . .

SClear said...

I like gerkins a lot...
Bit saddened by the backlash here.

kesi 'impossible' charles said...

please die a slow death!


sounds like something i would say, except i aint said it in a while.

lego man. i love you lang lang time!

Agostinho said...

roadside meat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>_________________

max volume said...

Warehouse sales are not sample sales, the difference is in the name. Both are only worth reaching if you're prepared to get there early on the first day. You're absolutely right about the goons all the same... buying box-loads of garish Evisu to adorn their unplanned-for kids. Sickening

istd said...

W)taps looking good, loadsa love your ginger vans slinger.

burger bun said...

your a funny dude-10,000 kudos.
And i love gherkins-they are so misunderstood!

louisehaynes said...

Anon must be a fan of gherkins...

Witts. said...

large up the hip flask.

deluded said...

nice one

Anonymous said...

Gherkins are the truth!

nothingfunner said...

' holdtight my uni graduates who are finding it hard to find work, your time soon come. '

too true, big up!