Thursday, 11 December 2008

Tom Ford

I was first introduced to Tom Ford about 5 years ago when my friend copped some frames from him. When I say these frames looked and felt like they were designed by team NASA I'm not lying. From then on I kept a watchful eye out for this incredible designer.

Tom is an American fashion designer who is known for his classic looks which he favours above most, when it comes to colours he believes its best to just chuck it all together. Not many designers are brave enough to tackle colours like he does and I believe this has helped him stand out and be well respected.

Tom took over at Gucci in 1990 and turned this average brand in to what we know Gucci is today. He was also hired as Creative Director at YSL and again turned that brand into a multi million dollar fashion great.

In 2004 Tom Ford went at it solo and launched 'Tom Ford'. It started with eyewear but quickly grew into Menswear, Beauty and accessories for men and women.

I was lucky to get a sneak preview of his SS/09 collection and I was blown away by his design and especially his use of colours. Take a look for yourself...








Not typical street wear but it all comes down to good design right?!

I think number 3 is my favourite look. Agree?


misterlego said...

i'd get down with 1 and 3 . . .

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Hoxton Youth Council said...

Gut Curdingly Swish ... Plus, all about Cezari Bespoke visitations. And that's true.

Lo said...


GregTeee said...

For me the check three pieces are some of my favourite and have been getting a lot of rotation in GQ and other such similar areas.

In particular I know that David Beckham is a major fan.

Tom Ford is definitely taking bespoke tailoring to a different level at the moment.

He is also taking prices to a different level as well espeacially when it comes to the monogram velvet slippers at around £2500.

toocoldtohold said...

Teal blazer wins!

Parker said...

1st 2 suits r gangsta.. all the other suits shud av a hole in the backside cos they r too gay..

Volcom clothing said...

You look good on those clothing!