Saturday, 6 December 2008

Kaws NY08

Also got the chance to hit up the Kaws exhibition (Props to Miami's Jigalo J), which was held in an impressive space, just over the road from Trump tower.

"This exhibition features the artist's most recent paintings and sculpture. Large-scale acrylic works on canvas incorporate his usual cast of characters set against abstract, chaotic scenes of geometric shapes. In this series, the subject is displaced and the focus is drawn to the bold coloration of the elements..."

Check here for the full write up.

Ari & Kaws (15)

Ari & Kaws (16)

Ari & Kaws (17)

Ari & Kaws (18)

Ari & Kaws (23)

Ari & Kaws (22)

Ari & Kaws (21)


Anonymous said...

Saw that exhib. couple wks bk. Luved it! How'd u manage to snap in there!? I got caught :-(

Big Ron said...

I assumed pictures were allowed. Gallery workers didnt seem bothered...