Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Swim Skate

Dope article In the NY times about skaters utilizing the newly abandoned back garden swimming pools of suburban America.
Read it here

skate 2


Ollie Danger said...

Thats so sick...just like where it all began.

louisehaynes said...

Reminds me of Laawds of Daaawgtawwn.

Anonymous said...

hype beast copy

Big Ron said...

Right on my man. I saw this on HB and HB saw this on the NY times site. Stuff i post that isn't original content sadly has to be ripped from somewhere. Na'mean?

But.Her said...

ollld school style!

Donald Donaldson said...

Big Ron

Marry me you sexy thing.

WALEX said...

thats sick man

would be bad to be able to do that