Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bill Henson

On the youth note, Bill Henson is a photographer who deals mainly in shooting semi-nude teenagers. This inevitably controversial line of work has ended him under violent criticism by the Auzzie press among others.
Your unlikely to open a copy of vice nowadays and not see some young photographer imitating his style.

Bill henson
Bill henson 4
bill henson 7
bill henson 6


Anonymous said...

i don't like it tbh.
when the controversy overshados your work, you should re think what you're doing.

bonnie said...

mhm. allow taking photos of naked childen.
you know about larry clark's photos too dont you aaron? same idea, just a generation before henson

Elle Bee said...

i think these pictures are total shit

Anonymous said...

they just make me horny