Monday, 29 December 2008

Cold & Wide

Testing out my Christmas presents, a trip to the canals of Birmingham tonight with 11mm's and a new tripod.

Massive shout to Adam for the tripod assistance in such conditions, I think we both realised the importance of gloves tonight!

Here's some of the results (Not Photoshopped):










There's more on my flickr if anyone wants to see em'


Roc money said...

Wait, when did Witts get so dope?

Nice work, b

Ollie Danger said...

Number 6 is my favourite bro.

I look forward to seeeing more snaps from this beast.

Ellie_13 said...

Mazin'. You made Brum town look well exotic. Good work!

Anonymous said...

How old are you? Spoilt rich boy's getting mad expensive christmas presents when they are in there 20s

Anonymous said...

"gettin mad expensive christmas presents"

why u talkin like your from new york u clown.... dont get jealous cus your dad is a wasteman and cant make no P...

"im a big man jus like my DAD!"

kerry said...

all them pics are dope andrew:)

Anonymous said...

Correct my dad is a wasteman, I make more money than he ever did. I buy my Mum presents BECAUSE i am a man, not a spoilt gay who needs to be looked after in his 20's. I would feel like a fass if i needed to wait till christmas to get a new lens on a camera i got the previous year. Grow up

Witts. said...

Anon, find out all the facts before you comment, who said anything about my parents paying for it?

The camera wasn't bought for me the previous year either..

Anonymous said...

witts has got doe and yo ass is broke. get a tissue

jdoubleu said...

lol jokes stuff from anon as usual. Coming strong with the bullshit its cool we hear you. On another subject have to say the pics are fantastic, captured that festive feel. Big new lens is doing it!

wowpop said...

nice snaps!!

Anonymous said...


Agostinho said...

nice son.

glad to see your listening to my wise words hahahaha.

pdem said...

lovely looking foto's..
didnt kno birmingham lookd so nang..
id blow 1 of them pics up n slap it in my living room if man reppd for the burger bar boys..

J4K3 said...

Sick pic's
You made Brum look dope, I'm their all the time ('cause it's where I live) but never check the sights

A said...

No matter where the lens is from, pics are big, good work

Leumas said...

Witts good stuff, I thought it was Matthews snaps until I saw your name at the end.

Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

before i saw the name on the post i could have sworn this was matts!

stepped up your game witts