Saturday, 6 December 2008

Ari Marcopoulos - Fear God

Got the chance to attend Ari Marcopoulos' most recent exhibition whilst i was last in NY. Exhibition space was small but appropriate and photographs were top notch.

"Through a series of new photographs and a video shot with a web cam, Marcopoulos explores a disquieting physical landscape scarred by reckless exuberance. The title of the exhibition, Fear God, is taken from a drawing by the artist’s son who, in turn, copied the cover photograph of hip-hop artist Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III album..."

Check here for a full write up of the exhibition

Ari & Kaws (13)

Ari & Kaws (2)

Ari & Kaws (11)

Ari & Kaws (7)

Ari & Kaws (6)

Ari & Kaws (3)

Ari & Kaws

The exhibition also included a video of the below, rapping along to a Tupac tune. Feel free to read the artistic significance of this in respect to the wider exhibition in the write up linked above, although for me it seemed more just for the shits a giggles.

Ari & Kaws (9)

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