Saturday, 13 December 2008

Casette Playa x 1948 Nike Party

Sorry in advance, not got any pictures except this one from last nights event, but im sure Ollie Danger will roll through later on at some point with pics and a proper a wright up if not, I'll standardly steal them from some one i know who was taking photos.

Not gonna lie the party /event took a bit of time to get into the swing of things you now what the crowd is like at gatherings like this "to cool for skool" and all of that malahkey. But that all fell apart when Tempa T came through and BAAAAAANGED us all (no homo). Logan Sama was upon decks so you know he had everybody skanking it like we were having epileptic fits. But overall it was a good night.

Hold tight all extended family members that rolled through
holdtight all the new family members that i met as well.
oh and special holdtight to my woman bambambigalow "SAUCE" daarling she feeds me, clothes me and takes me out ! WTF

The only down side was that the kicks weren't on sale at the event, which had me in a FUCKED MOOD for a hot minute hopefully i get sorted today nicely.

Loving bntl like a fat loves cake.


kech_kicks said...

Thought it was just me that thoght the it wasn't the weather that was making Friday night Cold...but Tempa brought the heat as always.

Couldn't have said it better myself!! Hope you kop youself a pair.


Anonymous said...

Got mine..Saturday morn...C