Monday, 22 December 2008

We Came To Meditate On Bass Weight

Yesterday the night I and many others had been waiting for, for nearly 2 months had finally arrived in my local town with a gargantuan line-up that would almost certainly cause cold shivers.

Arriving at the Black Sheep Bar at 9 o'clock I was greeted by an extremely rare sighting of the queue reaching almost from the venue down to the bridge. This seemed to suggest there was a mass migration for this event, even with people flying in especially for the night.

Those who had made the effort to travel from up and down the country or even across seas were not to be disappointed by any aspect of the evening’s proceedings.

Every DJ from beginning to end was exceptional. I don't have a favourite as I truly believe that each and every DJ was on their finest form representing the many different sounds floating around the dubstep scene from the past and present.

I really could go on and on about this night. But I shan't in case boredom sets in. So instead I shall press on swiftly with the photos. In all honesty I wasn't on form with picture taking due to a Red Stripe B2B Cider and Blackcurrant combo so you shall have to excuse me.

Mr Chefal & Cluekid (I don't wanna cry on the new rigged system was straight crazy)

Chefal and Cluekid

Local girl Paige was obviously in attendance


Loe fah


The host for the evening and chief organiser Sgt Pokes - You smashed it mate!

Sgt Pokes

Hi Jak and Loefah's set can be summed up simply as - 'A piece of History'

Hi-Jak, Loefah and Skream

BRIT School badmen - Mr Barclay James and Master Jack Pryor

Barclay and Jack

With a combination of Mala and Skream it's impossible for the outcome to be anything other than amazing.

Mala and Skream

Back from one CT to another - Theo passed through

Theo and Claude

Distance's back and Cyrus's front - When Koncrete got dropped so did my jaw

Cyrus and Distance

N-Type - nothing more needs to be said (no homo)


Kutz - I cannot wait for 2009 and the bucket loads of releases to come from him. 2008 was a joke as it is.


I would happily experience this night over and over again.
The plethora of sick dubplates that were played shall continue to go around in my head for the next few weeks.
Maybe the biggest tune of the night was this one. It never fails to cause slaughter in the dance.

"Kick, snare, kick, snare, kick, snare, it's unbelievable!"


samona said...

last tune is hugee

Anonymous said...
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bj said...

was a bad night.. best dub night for fucking yonks. one of the best nights of my year. big up greg