Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Bristol Rise Up!

Yes, that's right; Mary Anne Hobbs has gone and done it again. Ever since the early days of dubstep music Radio 1's very own Mary Anne Hobbs has been a major supporter and exhibiter of the new sounds from the underground scene.

Recently she brought us Generation Bass which featured mixes and interviews with some of the leading producers and dj's of the moment as selected by some of the originators of the sound.

This time round she has taken a trip to Bristol to report on the city’s ever evolving dubstep scene. She makes a visit to Rooted Records which is one of the last record shops of its kind in Bristol to interview some of the producers that are expressing a fresh new sound.


She also reports on the weekly club night put on by the H.E.N.C.H crew and its associates which has rapidly become the city’s epicentre for the dubstep community to join together.

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From the brief video and the seamless 2 hour mix she has put together for the feature it’s clearly evident that the Bristol scene is quickly emerging with a sound that is very noticeable. Highlights in the mix without a doubt come from Headhunter, Jakes, Gemmy and Joker. His last two tracks. YES!

The video from her road trip can be viewed right below. I think it probably says enough on its own, so further commentary shouldn't be necessary. Keep an eye out for Joker getting up to his usual antics.

Listen to the show HERE

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Large up Bristol each and every. Soon come my time at University there!


sofi said...

big up hench my true bristol family x

evenstevens said...

yay come hang with me in the west country greg!

SClear said...

Jakes, Joker and Gemmy absolutely smashed it this year.

Joker at FWD few months back was BIG.

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

reh that hench logo is mad similar to one I'm making for Smasher!

Anonymous said...

'double step'...what a cock.

SClear said...

I like the old granny who says "Is it like garage music?" WTF??!?!?!?