Friday, 19 December 2008

Musical Maverick

If you've been paying attention to this blog over the last year or so then you will have noticed flyer's popping up from the people who were behind the artists formally known as faggatronix and now the infamous Night Slugs.


I've been lucky enough to work with Alex 'Bok Bok' in the last year and this boy is like a silent assasin. He started dj'in out with his partner Manara which took him to places most dj's can only dream about. Then together with his friend dj L-Vis 1990 they came up with Night Slugs, a night which provides nothing but the heaviest bass in London. Starting out south of the river in Camberwell at the legendary but now deceased Red Star venue. But for the last two Night Slugs the guys have brought it East and rocked East Village to the core.


The first night at East Village they invited the 'Trouble and Bass' collective over from New York to play at this monthly free night. I was there and I witnessed these guys bring the roof down. If your not familiar with 'Trouble and Bass' then head to their myspace and download their mixes. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Last night I again ventured down to East Village to enjoy the treats Bok Bok had laid on for the evening. Firstly 'Oneman' (a DJ who never ceases to amaze me, he's the kind of DJ that makes you want to pack up your decks and off load them to your local 'Cash Converters') turned the crowd from reserved boppers into possessed sweat drenched skankers. After that I was about ready for home but Bok Bok introduced his next act a 'funky' DJ going by the name of 'Lil Silva'. I'm not going to lie i don't know much if anything about the genre 'Funky', the name alone is off putting but damn this boy came correct. I'm hoping the Grime boys who pioneered this sound are using their marketing brain by calling this new genre 'funky' because there was no funk about what I heard. Again it was just heavy bass that pounded my ear drums with more aggression than Iron Mike himself. Another Night Slugs and another free night which I would have been happy to pay for if Bok Bok had a door fee.

Anyway back to the man himself, other than just promoting nights Bok Bok also has his radio show which he blast out from Subfm every other Saturday, again expect nothing but heavy heavy bass. As I stated before I've worked with Bok Bok previously, initially booking him to play my night where he and Manara showed us how deep he could get with 'Bassline' back in early March. But as an avid listener to his show, you can really tell this boy eats sleeps and drinks music production because he gets better and better.


Alongside his night and radio show Bok Bok has a 12" release coming early 2009 on Glasgow based record label 'Dress 2 Sweat'. His graphic design is second to none and he also writes for music magazine 'FACT'.

Alex 'Bok Bok' is definitely a man on a mission and a person to keep an eye on. He's been educating me on new music for over a year now and I look forward to hearing his offerings next year.

For his mixes and more head over to Lower End Spasm


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i want his polo. anyone know what brand that is?

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The brand is Supreme.