Monday, 29 December 2008

Times gone by...

With the festive season you're usually guaranteed great TV but damn this year has been more than disappointing. If it weren't for Karate Kid, Jurassic Park and Toy Story I would have been forced to draw for the board games. Instead what I did do was hit up youtube and delve into tv of the past...

Hulkamania lives forever...

'He can't see man'

'Pronounced Cooper'

'Everything is to the back with a bit of slack'

Can you recommend anymore?


Anonymous said...

The 'Gay Exchange' ad that used to always come on late at night with that guy doing that cool dance...Classic.

pdem said...

haha, the old skl wrestlin trash talk.. lovd it..
swer i saw aaron in that grange hill clip.. jokes..

hit the old sonic up or the old mario cartoons.. they wer big..
or chek out brum, the little northern miracle machine..