Thursday, 11 December 2008

Circumnavigate Londres.

Started off with a trip to Dalston to check Tano.

Here he is shocked by boobs (!!!!)

Blackberry shot for the ladies. Bangers and mash for the grafters.

Movin' units in the Kung Fu HQ.

Quick bus ride to Stokey to link Ron Chubby. Followed by a pub cappo meeting with the Too Much Posse famo in Brixton.

Naturally, Ronald mixed it up with the locals.

Dropped in on my Old Kent Road compadre on the way home, watched a thoroughly depressing and generally not great movie called Boy A, British film. Can't really divulge the plot as it unravels within the story, either way.. you probably won't watch it on my very tentative recommendation.

Also, this isn't an omelette, just a massive egg.


Kept up appearances and stats with the fry ups didn't I Josh? Was on a pork prang out for the next couple of hours after learning of the Irish pork scare.. then it passed, and was replaced by blood coming out of my ears.


J-Weezy said...

broccoli in the morning? thats just wrong

lids said...

yeah true and what is the irish pork scare?!

TanOne said...

It might of been morning to Matthew, it was 3.30pm in real life.

Matthew Schnickens said...

You jokers, who said it was morning!?

Witts. said...

Boccoli anytime of the day is just wrong. Carrots for me

Timbo Slice said...

Matt, your cholesterol levels must be through the roof with the amount of fry up's you have.

You need to get on the flora proactive.

Im worried about your health.

Anonymous said...

how many of you are actually black?

Matthew Schnickens said...

Haha you dickhead, what's the relevance?

Anonymous said...

true say are you guys black?

Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say to that. Havent you got the nouce to look at the pictures are work that one out for yourself?
In so many words, Some are, Some arent. Its quite self explanatory.

JACKbntl said...


'how many of you are actually black?'

That was great but yet so ignorant on SO many levels. This guy is either an utter div, or a post-modern sarcastic comic. I hope its the latter.

How was anyone meant to answer that question?!?

Im not black btw but my goonies are......

Shar said...

Aw Dalston.
'Timbo Slice' is right man.
That's too much for someone your age.

Anonymous said...

aahha "my goonies are...."

ur not street, faggott...

Anonymous said...

aahha "my goonies are...."

ur not street, faggott...

Agostinho said...

i beg you man take me out for a fry up too.

feel left out still...... :(

JACKbntl said...

your hiding behind an anon status you cock. untill you show us your name/face you can jog on.


kech_kicks said...

Anonymous has WAY TOOO much time on his hands...and in regards to Timbo Slice's comment....there are too many egg, bacon &sausage meal shots. Dont u guys cook? spag bol cook? Call mummsy or a lady friend before its too try Flora proactive as suggested....;-)

Read These Boks said...

"ur not street, faggott..."

neither are you from the sound of it.

I rekon if you actually checked the blog properly you would know who's black and who's not.

I'm not really sure who you're trying to bring out with that comment though.

They are simply a group of friends who post about things they find interesting and things that might be interesting to others.

If they were passing comment on random people for no reason then sure maybe the hater responses would be due. But from what I've read over the last couple of months that's not really the case.

I'm sure you're going to respond quickly with something really mature like "jump off their dicks beg friend" or something along those lines.

Instead just take it on board perhaps and realise what I said wasn't some 'dick suck' comment but more of nuetral perspective.

jdoubleu said...

Anon's always give a front then back down when there names are asked. Who's real on the streets? Faggots.

Ollie Danger said...

'Read those boks' is on point.

Finally someone comes with an intelligent comment.

I find most of this hate for the sake of hating embarrassing.

The stat counter doesn't lie!

Anonymous said...

what's the significance of being black anyway, first of all its a common misconception that black = street and even if that was the case... what does ones street status have to do with a good blog?
anonymous morons!

ps i apreciate that i am also anonymous but that an option we are all entitled to, certain pussies just abuse it for e-thuggery