Friday, 5 December 2008

Public Enemy Live @ Space 2

Definitely a night to remember, it all began with a Chicken balti pie, mash, beans and gravey from Urban Pie with Blaise..


Then a stop at the German Market for some mallow goodness, can't get enough of the £4 for 10 offer!


Then linked JP and Walex and headed to Space 2. On entry the crowd was rather sparse and the warm up act was more than disappointing but he definitely made us a good laugh.. all be it unintentionally.

We waited as the DJs span some Hip-Hop classics and DMC champion DJ Switch did his thing, nothing amazing, at times it sounded more like a clash of beats than mixing or scratching but some of the turntablists in the crowd were enthralled.

As the time of Public Enemy neared I hopped stage side camera in hand, got a quick team photo then set up for the show ahead.

Large up Walex on his birthday.


Just after 11 and the sound crew had everything up set Flava Flav graced the stage with the rest of the Public Enemy live band.


As they worked their way through twenty years of hits with various interludes, dedications and wisdom they wowed the crowd for a whole three hours. THREE HOURS! What other Hip-Hop act do you see these days doing that, Public Enemy really showing the fans some dedication with such a stage presence considering they're all about 50 years of age!

Anyway I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking..






The backing vocalist's were quite something



Flav did some surfing


Die hard fans knew every word!


Chuck D saying his final peice


After such an epic performance we hooked up with Seeds for a bit of an after party in the Rainbow.. with free drinks supplied by an extremely lean Sloba we chilled till the early hours finishing off a once in a life time evening.




Yeaaaaaaaaaaah Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.


Agostinho said...

not even hyping.

but these are some of your best event pics EVER!

nice work.

Joe said...

These pics are seriously the best you've taken. So gutted I missed this!

Anonymous said...

photos are sick!! event looked ill!! but as a fan of hip hop since day i truly cannot beleive you beleive they are the best live hip hop act in the day they were at there prime and came across with finesse!! Now hes a cracked up bum looking for his next buck have you seen flava flav looking for love on M-tv SHAMEFUL?!

JACKbntl said...

big post witts, photos are on point.

you out this weekend?

AntB said...

The night was amazing and even though they are 50 year old crack fiends it was without a doubt the most lively act ive ever seen and they kept the energy up for the whole 3 hours.
And Flava admitted flava of love was shit lol
Amazing night
Big pics

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

Photos have defo stepped up, big up farda Witts

Ollie Danger said...

Witts you most def killed it!

Anonymous said...


Wicked pics Witts, and good write up too!

This is one of the best gigs i've ever been too, tune after tune after tune. And the energy of those guys was just incredible at their age.

I picked them up and dropped them at the airports too, and the most bizarre part of it all was them hooking up with Samuel L Jackson at Heathrow! Oh, and the fact that Mallick their head of security was in The Godfather, Shaft and played for the Buffalo Bills in the NFL in 67-68!
He's writing a biography at the moment, sounds like it'll be worth a read!

Glad you enjoyed it dude

Custard Factory Dave!

walex said...

yeah man!

was a good night it was good to see a massive turnout as well! would have been a bit of a letdown for them if noone hard turned up seeing as birmingham is their favourite uk city n everything (apparently)

Anonymous said...

the illest photos that have ever come out of brum, really incredible, well done!! still mad jealous though.
xx charlotte

bizy™ said...

Pics are defo alot.
Them PE fans in the front look like they been hardcore from day! lol