Friday, 5 December 2008

Three Of The Worlds Dumbest Criminals

Karen Matthews
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Tried to abduct her own child with her boyfriends brother.
(please tell me that doesnt sound like one of those cusses you make in secondary school ?)

O.J Simpson
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Took part in a armed raid on a sport memorabilia shop and kidnapped the shop owner.
(what makes you wanna do such a crime ? i mean the man was acquitted 15years ago of a murder, which 94% of America know you ACTUALLY committed but straight damned got away with.)

Boy George
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Got a rent boy, tied him to the wall and whipped him with a chain.
(That don't even sound like a crime thats just a porn movie with two men YUCK !)

What is the world coming to ?

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake.


Timbo Slice said...

OJ Simpson really doesn't deserve freedom for those antics...what a goat.

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

Boy George got Krinked! hahaha

Anonymous said...

dear lego

you didnt seem to mind male bonding last night...why the change of heart?

yours lovingly

lego's man

toocoldtohold / DJ Max Volume said...

^ spurned

Mac and Lego said...


Anonymous said...

what's a crimal?

Anonymous said...

OJ is a goon!

JACKbntl said...


someone dubbed his fat balding pufty head.