Wednesday 19 November 2008

Ancient Memories

For this post I wish to continue along the same wistful vein as I have for the last few days. As is perhaps customary around the latter part of the year one tends to reflect on some of the old times.

So in this manner I have decided to do this by selecting some of my favourite UK Hip-Hop records. Yes, that genre that sadly passed away a couple of years ago. I am talking about the era of exceptional UK lyricists from every corner of the British Isles who released many outstanding albums and mixtapes. The era of Itch FM, The Hemp Trading Company, Undercover Magazine, Deal Real Open Mic on Friday evenings and everything else that characterised the best moments of the scene.

Often the discussion of who was the best lyricist of this golden era is one of many disputes. So I have tried to come up with a selection of those who I deemed to be some of the leaders. I have increased the amount to six instead of five as I felt it was necessary to include one more. However there are heaps I haven’t been able to include. But still require a mention. For example; Lewis Parker, TaskForce, Phi Life Cypher, Braintax and Yungun to name but a few.

On with the top six in no particular order. I shan't comment on the videos as I believe the songs say enough on their own. First choice is a persey! In fact they all are.

1) Jehst - Run Hard

2) Foreign Beggars feat Skinnyman - Hold On

3) Ty feat Roots Manuva - Oh You Want More? (Refix)

4) Klashnekoff - Parrowdice

5) Fallacy feat Tubby T – Big ‘N’ Bashy

6) Black Twang – So Rotten

"The system is a Vampire!"


Anonymous said...

Number 1 for me is Ty!

Anonymous said...

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(sorry....another heavy post greg, keep it up!!!)

Anonymous said...

Another strong post Greggles. Fallacy gets slept on, Big n Bashy and Groundbreaker where 2 of my favorite tunes from the beginning of the millennium.

Unknown said...

safe Tan. I was umming and arring about putting in the groundbreaker but big n bashy made the cut instead.

definitely slept on tunes though.

Anonymous said...

lewis parker???? the originator, he paved the way for most of the uk scene with his dusty vinyl imprint. i understand its personal opinion and al but "rise" by L.P. is the shit!!

nice post dude.....

Unknown said...

Cheers mate. Bloody hell.
I completely overlooked lewis parker. I cannot believe it.
I am going to edit the post slightly and input his name.

Nice one for mentioning that though!

Anonymous said...

no worries Greg.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't have picked better tunes to sum it up myself...
Big post, nice work.x

Anonymous said...

greg... you prolly already seen this but....

@greg_bntl said...

I hadn't actually but cheers for the heads up. so many old tunes coming to the surface again.

Anonymous said...

cool. that's his latest release. once again...respect for posting greg.

Lo said...

sick post again greg.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

where did this era go! i need to go and listen to all the albums i bought back in the day eyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

Is this just for lyricists or UK hip hop artists as a whole. I think if youre talking about UK hip hop as a whole then there are some much better artists and songs to choose from. What about Hijack, Diversion Tactics,Kashmere,Son Of Noise,Blade etc. Also what do you mean by golden era? You seem to be saying it was around 2000-2005? So are you just selecting artists from that period?

This is all opinion though. Sorry if im coming across as rude. Nice one for mentioning Lewis Parker though, he is definately one of my favourite UK MCS/Producers.

Unknown said...

nah mate its great to get some feedback.
I was really just wanting to do a post in response to a forum thread i read about who is the best uk hip hop lyricist.

No doubt there are tones of other guys I have over looked and not included. But I didnt want to go on too long.
Yeh you cant deny that the songs I have chosen are anthems in their own rite.
I aimed to get a selection of tracks that might jog a few memories as opposed to getting really deep into selection as possibly a lot of readers might find little interest.
cheers for the feedback again though mate.