Friday 28 November 2008

Theatre Of The Mind & 808's And Heart Breaks

Two rather anticipated albums where released this week

Ludacris Theatre Of The Mind

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Couldn't find a picture of the album cover so you'll have to make do with Ludacris getting it from behind off that lady. But anyway all i have to say is, if you're thinking about buying this album, don't think just buy it. This has to be by far the best album from Ludacris. Although there are only fourteen songs on the album the lyrics, beats and features make you forget all about that. Ludacris went hard on every song.

My stand out tracks,
I do it for hip-hop (nas and jay z)
Last of a dying breed (feat lil wayne)
Lets stay together

Now on to Kanye West 808's and heart breaks

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The production and beats are hot, but lets face it, this fool is full of himself and thinks he can do anything. This album is garbage, 100% trash that will sell only because of the hype behind it. Kanye West cannot keep a note in tune, and all he does is whine and moan about his feelings. If you think you are going to get songs like "heartless" think again . . . KEEP YOUR MONEY.

My stand out track,
(no kanye hating i love the mans music, just none this type)

Loving bntl like a fat kid loves cake


Anonymous said...

Best most rounded post ever! nice one mate! personally, i think Kanye should just stick to producing...

Anonymous said...

I was so pissed when I found out he was not going to be rapping at all on this album. The reason why I like kanye is for the beats, his clever lyrics and flow, granted he has had a rough year and wants to be all depressive but i'm not buying this album where as usually I would pre-ordered. Luckily I heard he is realising another album in January. Good luck to him though.

Anonymous said...

pre-order ha ha ha u clown

kanye, ludacris, lil wayne all them rappers are so shite .it aint real hiphop. its TOP of the POPS

90's mobb deep wutang is realllllllll.....

Anonymous said...

word, really u listening to the same album as me. Welcome to heartbreak feat cudi is a tune so to is amazing feat jeezy.

The man can do no wrong, when you grind as hard as he does and goes for perfection in his performance and albums, you gotta give him props.

I love the album

Anonymous said...

Im with you on this one, I'm listening to it now. From track 1 I was thinking; who is this clown? this must be some sort of hoax which will be exposed tomorrow on the BBC

Anonymous said...

kanye west and ludacrise are far from shit rappers
i'd agree some of there main stream stuff is a little pop
but thats what you gotta do if you wanna put food on the table

Anonymous said...

lets be serious anon, I dont think either of em are struggling to get food on the table,

JACKbntl said...

mobb deal are realllllll. so realllll the signed to g unit.

the only thing that is reallllll is money.

@misterlego said...

i agree with you beef cake . . .
but all these hip-hop not being real cries are so shit . . . you didn't really expect the sound of hip-hop to stay the same from the mid ninties till today ? ? ?
times change people change deal with it.

if anything it is us "REAL" hip-hop heads fault for the awful hip-hop music of today . . . 99% us dont legitly buy good music and that's what it really boils down to
people are to quick to download the good shit from lime wire and other sources.

@misterlego said...
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Anonymous said...

i agree, kanyes album is whack...theres sum ok tracks on ludas album...MVP...stands out for me...premier never fails to impress.

Anonymous said...

can i just add..for all those real hip hop doom has produced an album for upcoming artist john robinson...and it is serious. mf doom has added his golden touch to the album. I must add that robinson has serious skills.
im normally against downloading albums but heres the link to download seen as its hard to get.


Anonymous said...

sorry...the full link ^^^

Anonymous said...

For a man whos mother died unexpectedly and a man who has recently broke up with his fiancee I dont think its too bad of an album.

I interpret the album as a cry for help, hes said hes alone at the top. There is nobody who loves him for who he is, only for what he is.

The man is going through hard times, maybe hes going crazy like a few other celebs we have witnessed. (Britney, winehouse)